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10 April 2019


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#WebbyAwards2019 nominees– our top 5 votes

#WebbyAwards2019 nominees– our top 5 votes

Voting is now open for the 23rd annual Webby awards — and this year’s nominations offer a treasure trove of digital delights.

The gongs celebrate excellence and innovation on the internet across seven media types, including video, media & PR, and social.

There are two honours in every category: the Webby Award, chosen by industry experts, and the Webby People’s Choice Award, chosen by you – the people who really matter.

Finding our five fave nominees was tough, but here they are in all their glory.

1. OK Google

The OK Google video is super fun and entertaining.

This vivid animation depicts the story of a father whose five-year-old son falls in love with the OK Google feature on his phone over the course of a year.

It subtly showcases OK Google features like the ability to store voice searches by treating viewers to audio playbacks of the fantastic array of questions the son has asked, which include gems like ‘what is “stupid” in French?’, ‘what is triangle?’ and ‘what is everything?’.

The video brings the search engine’s vast range of information vividly to life, positions it as the world’s favourite oracle of knowledge and finishes with a flourish when the father embraces OK Google as part of the family.

2. Sandy Hook Promise: Live Moment of Silence

This clever campaign raised millions for the Sandy Hook Promise gun violence prevention programme with a $0 budget.

Using the increasingly popular Facebook Live platform, the charity invited its supporters to live stream a moment of silence and include a donation button to encourage friends to contribute cash.

The campaign was a massive success and saw the charity surpass its fundraising goal of $1 million, as well as creating 65 million media impressions.

The Live Moment of Silence campaign serves as an excellent example of charitable innovation and shows the power social media still has to trigger positive social change.

3. EasyJet Look & Book

The Look & Book app is the ultimate tool for making your travel fantasies a reality.

It’s revolutionised the way you choose a holiday destination by allowing users to search for flights using just a photo.

You can screenshot a photo of any European destination (Instagram works best) and upload it to the app, which then locates the precise place and suggests the best flights to get you there.

4. Deadpool 2 Social media campaign

EP+Co and 20th Century Fox teamed up to create a social media campaign for the Deadpool follow-up which on the surface was simple, yet kind of genius too.

They took Deadpool’s new side-kick, the marvellously ordinary Peter W, and turned him into a social media phenomenon.

With accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, et al, fans of the franchise were afforded a vivid insight into the character’s life and interacted with him on a daily basis.

The campaign garnered millions of followers, video views and engagements. In fact, the quality of content created for the social media channels was so realistic that Peter even received job offers on LinkedIn.

It stands out as an extremely entertaining and fresh way to get people talking about the film and getting to know a new character.

5. The Whopper Detour

You can’t help but laugh at this wonderfully witty digital campaign by Burger King.

The video immediately entices the audience with the offer a Whopper burger for 1₵, but there’s a catch of course – it can only be validated on your BK app when you pass an outlet of rival food chain McDonalds. By subverting your expectations, this advert commands your full attention as you learn how the devilishly cunning deal works.

Mentioning your main competitor in an ad is always a risky tactic, but even more so here, because Burger King doesn’t attempt to tarnish the McDonalds brand but, rather, utilises it to showcase their own awesome promotional deal.

The Whopper Detour was a huge success, leading to 1.5 Million new Burger King app downloads and giving Ronald McDonald a bloody nose into the bargain.

So that’s our top 5 nominations for the 2019 Webby Awards — we’re off down the bookies for a flutter on our tips.

Voting closes on the 18 April so head on over to the Webby awards website and pick your own favourites — there’s something to inspire everyone.

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