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When you want expert PPC that makes sense for your business and potential customers, we’ve got you covered with a robust range of services

When you want to instantly connect with online customers, it doesn’t get much better than PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

When you pay for a billboard at a bus stop or a TV ad at a certain time, you might have researched that some of your target customers will be in place to engage with your brand, but it’s less certain that they’ll engage with it.

PPC ads are much more precise because they’re triggered when a potential customer actually searches for the products and services you sell – a persuasive advert pops up at the top of the search engine results and convinces them to click through to your website landing page.

But don’t forget that PPC works on social media too and if you want your brand to be part of positive conversations on the world’s most popular social platforms, it’s well worth considering.

PPC really ramps up your results when you need to stimulate sales fast – read on if you’re ready to sample the power of paid ads.

Get Found Online

Leeds PPC Services

There are several types of PPC that can help your Leeds firm get found online and make money. Here are a few paid ad disciplines we can help you to capitalise on:

Paid Search

Building up your organic rankings is always worthwhile, but it takes time. So if you want to hit the ground running with a new business, product or service, paid search ensures you pop up whenever high-intent consumers are looking for firms just like you online. There are other search platforms, but for most of our clients, Google is king and since we’re a Google Partner, all of our PPC team are officially qualified in Google Ads and know the system like the back of their hands. This means that they can find the most clickable keywords for your ad groups and campaigns, and A/B test from the beginning to home in on those that customers can’t resist. Furthermore, once a customer clicks on your ad, the landing page on your website that it leads them to has to be relevant and persuasive, so your PPC manager can work out whether this is the case and if not, refer you to our Content, UX and CRO teams to remedy the situation. We can also advise on balancing your budget in order to get the most from whatever you can afford and deliver a great ROI.

Paid Display

Paid display is a cracking way for you to introduce your brand at every stage of a potential customer’s buyer journey, because instead of zeroing in on them at the exact moment they’re searching, it analyses data on their interests and behaviour to connect before they’ve considered buying or alternatively, after they’ve browsed your site without buying anything. Paid display ads are delivered via attractive and engaging formats like video or slideshow carousels and when used in combination with paid search, mean you’ve got every stage of the buying journey covered. If you’ve ever wondered why that pair of trainers you were on the point of buying a few days ago seem to be walking their way into every web page you visit, this is down to paid display ads.

Content gap analysis

Unless you’ve got a bottomless budget, getting organic engagement on social media platforms is tricky and even if you’re spending a fortune on quality organic content, social platform algorithms might keep it from prospective customers because its in their interests to keep customers on their sites rather than sending them your way.

So paid social on a platform like Facebook or Linkedin uses demographic, psychographic and grographical information to serve ads to the right type of customers at the correct time. Combined with active social listening and the production of useful organic content, paid social can be the cherry on your PPC cake.

With paid search, display and social supporting your digital marketing efforts, you’ve got all customer connection bases covered.

Specialist Leeds PPC from Maratopia

Get Quality PPC Services
When you want expert PPC that makes sense for your business and potential customers, we’ve got you covered with a robust range of services, all of which can be onboarded individually, or as part of a customised package. Here’s a look at what you can benefit from:

PPC Campaign Planning and Management

As a hands-on Leeds PPC marketing agency, once we’ve agreed your PPC strategy, we’re delighted to take control of planning, executing and managing every aspect of your PPC campaigns, reporting results to you as regularly as suits, and always in a straightforward and transparent manner.

Ad copy written by our in-house content team

Some PPC agencies either farm out their ad writing to third parties or have staff other than their writers working on them. Not Maratopia – our versatile and highly-qualified in house writers are adept at crafting concise and clickable copy, which is why they’ll be turning their talents to making your pad ads pop.

Digital design for display ads

Our dedicated designers know exactly how to make sure that potential customers engage with your brand when they’re in the initial stages of interest and when they’ve previously considered your offering, but life got in the way. With awesome aesthetic design and clever interactive ad formats, you’ll soon be first and foremost in customer’s minds.

Perpetual optimisation of all campaign types

Like any type of digital marketing, PPC is an ongoing process where what works amazingly well today might not be as effective a few weeks or months down the line. That’s why we never rest on our laurels after the initial flushes of success – whether we’re running your search, shopping, display, social or remarketing ad campaigns, we will tweak and fine-tune them as standard. Optimization is at the heart of everything we do with PPC.

Plain English analysis and recommendations

When your ad formats have very restricted character counts, it’s vital that you use Plain English to get the message across clearly to customers. So we’ll ensure all waffle and jargon is removed and you get straight to the point with short and punchy prose that’s still persuasive and poetic.

Optimisation of landing pages

As we’ve mentioned, it wouldn’t make sense if your paid ads attracted customers like honey to bees, but your landing pages made them bounce right back – we’ll make sure they’ve got stickability.

Seamless integration with other digital channels

Getting the right ingredients in your digital marketing mix is a bit like baking a cake – we have the experience and expertise to ensure that when PPC is added it ensures your overall campaign rises to the occasion.

Seamless integration with other digital channels

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Next steps for Leeds PPC

If you’re convinced that your Leeds firm can benefit from PPC, or even just curious about what it can do, that’s brilliant – we would love to chat so we can listen to your goals, get to know your mission and customers and recommend the best way forward.

We’re all about connecting you with new and existing customers in new and exciting ways, and PPC can be a core part of your digital campaigns and enhance your digital presence considerably.

Whether you want to book a free PPC audit, have a general chat on the phone or drop us an email with a few details on your desires, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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