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1 August 2019


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Top 15 Video Editing Apps for Mobile, Mac and PC

Top 15 Video Editing Apps for Mobile, Mac and PC

If you don’t have a blockbuster budget, haven’t worked as an assistant to Martin Scorsese and don’t know one end of a boom mic from another, creating videos for your business for the first time can be a daunting task.

But in this sphere, technology can come to your rescue once again, because there are now a range of affordable and accessible editing apps that mean making high-quality videos on your phone, iPad or PC is perfectly possible.

Here’s our pick of the Top 15 video editing apps for mobile, Mac and PC.


Kinemaster is the app that does it all! Its ability to add text, layer, edit speeds add green screen effect is unmatched, the inbuilt library for music keeps all editing in one app, and the assets store ensures you have plenty of variety. But best of all, the app is extremely beginner friendly and affordable– there’s a subscription service and a decent free version – however be aware that the latter this comes with a watermark on finalised videos. There is a legal way for Android users to remove the watermark from your final product, but the pro version of Kinemaster is so affordable that it isn’t worth the trouble looking it up.

Cost: 4.99 /mo, Available on: Android and iPhone


VCDC is an awesome entry-level video editing app for any newcomers looking to get a start in the discipline. Its ability to handle non-linear content and export capabilities in 4K, HD and to YouTube have made it this app a favourite of many newbie moviemakers. And did we mention that it’s free, with no pesky watermarks?

Cost: Free, Available on: Windows

3. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is the software of choice for everyday consumers and professionals. It’s ahead of its time, with features like 360 degree editing and VR headset playback. This fab functionality and specs place this app at the more expensive end of our list, but for filmmakers who prize cutting-edge professionalism, the price tag may be worth it. There’s also no monthly subscription, so this one time buy may be more cost effective in the long run.

Cost: £299.99 (Free Trial can be arranged), Available on: macOS

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Beginners that are reading this, be warned –this software may be intimidating and involved a rather steep learning curve. But for those who are already acquainted with Adobe and editing software, this may be the right choice. If you’re a regular Adobe user, you’ll know that the integrated systems allows you to flow between different Adobe software with ease. This works great for teams working on projects as they are able to edit each other’s work without intrusion or disruption to others.

Cost: £19.07 /mo, Available on: Windows and macOS

5. Quik

GoPro Quik is easily one of the most impressive apps on this list. It has the ability to auto edit any videos and pictures you select, making it one of the simplest platforms for beginners. Furthermore, users can quickly animate their clips to enhance the best finish shots and this works especially well with action shots or dynamic videos.

Cost: Free, Available on: iOS and Android

6. FilmoraGo

This simple to use app has become a fan favourite amongst users because it’s free to download and doesn’t have a watermark or limitation on clips! All you have to do is watch a couple of non-intrusive adverts to access the professional platform for free – what’s not to love?

Cost: free, Available on: Windows and macOS

7. HitFilm Express

This is probably one for the pros, although ambitious beginners may find its tutorials informative enough to have a go themselves. HitFilm offers a wide range of editing options for free, with the bonus option of buying add-ons or upgrading to the pro pack. But, don’t rush in to purchase the paid version as most find the free option more than sufficient. This is a truly professional piece of editing kit for a great price and it enables a stunning quality finish.

Cost: free, Available on: Windows and macOS

8. iMovie

One of the most popular editing apps for iPhone users, iMovie has impressed many in the Tech industry with its capabilities and it’s simple to use and free. One of the more unique features is trailer templates which allow users to create impressive Hollywood standard trailers with ease.

Cost: free, Available on: iOS

9. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe is a well-known name in the video editing world for good reason, and Premiere Clip lives up to its name. The easy to use features are perfect when you want to make high quality videos in a short amount of time. For example, users have the option to try lighting features, photo motion, sound mixing on several tracks and automatic video creation, all on an easy to use interface. This is a great option for beginners looking for a professional finish.

Cost: free, Available on: Android and iOS

10. Splice

If your video quality isn’t on par, it’s is immediately obvious and can make even the best edited videos look unprofessional. But with Splice, you’re are able to export in 4K, giving your hard work the professional clarity, it deserves.

Cost: free, Available on: iOS

11. Adobe Premiere Rush

User experience was clearly one of the most important factors when making Premiere Rush, becausee it’s noticeably less intimidating than Premiere Pro, After Effects or Audition. Instead, this app is ideal for newcomers who want to create short pieces of content for social media. It makes exporting clips to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo easy – so it could streamline your social strategy.

Cost: £9.98 /mo, Available on: macOS

12. Magisto

Magisto’s AI technology takes video editing to new level. The unparalleled scope and effectiveness makes for a pleasant user experience and it’s the perfect choice for people wanting to make videos quickly. All editors have to do is select their images and videos along with an editing style and soundtrack,then the AI applies professional editing technique to create the best video. Even better news is that, despite this impressive technology, Magisto is free!

Cost: Free, Available on: iOS and Android

13. Hyperlapse

Hyperlapseis specifically designed to create the cool time-lapse videos that have been dominating social media the last couple years. The software is created by Instagram and allows all videos to immediately uploaded on to your profile. It’s a great way to add variation to your social media in a simple but effective way.

Cost: Free, Available on: on: iOS

14. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci is the ideal software for advanced editors yearning for a professional yet intuitive interface. Its features include advanced trimming, Multicam editing, colour correction and audio mastering. It may not be ideal for simple tasks, but for those with experience with its wide range of features, DaVinci provides exciting, original options and is an enjoyable experience.

Cost: Free Available on: macOS and Windows

15. Shortcut

With shortcut, what you see is what you get! The software is free and offers open access to all of its features, so you’ll never be restricted by the possibility of having to pay for an upgrade later down the line. The 4K and HD resolution support is unique for a free editor and ideal for those looking to keep making a splash with stunningly crisp images. Finally, the slightly fiddly interface may take some getting used to, but the quality of your end product means it’s worth persevering.

Cost: free, Available on: macOS, Windows, Linux

Final tips:
There are plenty of cost-effective options for keen video creators of all abilities to get involved with and be sure to check package deals and student discounts and offers to get the best price possible.

Any of the above options will help you to produce high quality content. And although the self-learning curve for some is steeper than others, with a little practice and dedication, you’ll soon be producing on point promotional videos quickly and cheaply.

Videos are grabbing some of the best traction of all types of content across many major social media channels at the moment, so hopefully you’ll take the plunge and say ‘lights, camera, action!’ soon.

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