6 December 2017


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The Year In Review: 8 Of The Weirdest Things To Happen In 2017

The Year In Review: 8 Of The Weirdest Things To Happen In 2017

The marketing world is packed full of unhinged ideas and concepts— but if 2017 has taught us anything, it’s that the rest of the world is making a sterling effort to catch up with us and excel at eccentricity.

1. Father, son and sausage roll

High street pastry pushers Greggs sparked a Christmas controversy after running a nativity scene ad that featured the three wise men staring in wonder at a sausage roll — rather than the traditional Jesus.

2. ‘A country that works or everyon’

Even commentators of a completely opposing political persuasion felt a tinge of sympathy for Theresa May following her calamitous conference speech in October.

A cruel coughing fit and a comedian handing her a fake P45 conspired with a wobbly set to create a Fawltyesque farce that’s hard to forget.

3. ‘Covfefe’

The PM’s US counterpart Donald Trump sent his 31 million Twitter followers into meltdown in May when he tweeted the following cryptic message:

‘Despite the constant negative press covfefe’.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer reassured confused media types that ‘covfefe’ was a codeword only Donald’s inner circle understood.

But whatever it means, it definitely won the internet bigly that day.

4. Not baad at all

Boffins at Cambridge Uni managed to patch up our national pride by training sheep to recognise famous faces like Barack Obama and Emma Watson as accurately as humans.

But there’s method to their madness — the research will help them treat human brain disorders.

5. B.o.B. puts the funk in Flat Earth theory

2017 was also the year that US rapper B.o.B. got so sick of people criticising his staunch Flat Earth beliefs that he started a crowd-funding campaign to launch his own exploratory satellites.

He unpacks his theory in style on funky tracks like FlatLine — let’s hope he doesn’t lose his edge when his rockets finally make it into orbit.

6. This awesome android

They promised us robots would never take over the world — they lied.

Robotics wizards Boston Dynamics introduced advanced humanoid Atlas to a startled public. As well as performing perfect 360 degree backflips, the robot has stereo vision and range sensing allowing it to travel over any terrain — let’s hope it doesn’t go rogue.

7. Iain Duncan Smith channels Eminem

IDS steps up to the mic and spits some Slim Shady lyrics in a moment that made millions wonder whether their breakfast cereal had been spiked.

8. Sheep-surfing rabbits

New Zealand farmer Ferg Horne was blown away when he spotted wild rabbits surfing on the backs of his neighbour’s sheep to avoid rising floodwaters.

He admitted that he’d usually shoot the rabbit riders as pests — but was so impressed with their ingenuity that he allowed them to make their magnificent escape.

This surreal story should give us all paws for thought (sorry).

Things can only get weirder and wilder in 2018 — but at least we’ll never be bored.

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