10 June 2019


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So far so fantastic – 5 fab blogs from 2019’s first half

So far so fantastic – 5 fab blogs from 2019’s first half

As years go, 2019’s been a bit of a belter so far for Maratopia.

We’re producing more quality content than ever to inform, entertain and guide you in all things digital and beyond.

So since we’re halfway through the year, it’s time to pop the kettle on, put your feet up and look back at our five most fabulous blogs.

1. Word up – 3 content rules from great writers

 Since we specialise in multiple digital disciplines like content, SEO and website development, we’re always keen to share our expertise.

This cracking blog focuses on content and shows you how you can write copy that pops off the page by analysing content rules from three wonderful writers – David Ogilvy, Ernest Hemingway and Elmore Leonard.

If you want to improve your headlines and be authentic and concise, it’s well worth a butcher’s.

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2. 5-Step Brexit survival guide for your business 

With Brexit looming over businesses like a cloud of commercial uncertainty, this blog offers some top tips to help you prepare.

Three months since this blog was written, there’s more ambiguity than ever surrounding our EU exit.  But the savvy business advice in this blogs still stands – such as SEO optimising your website and switching ownership of your .eu domains.

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3. #WebbyAwards2019 nominees – our top 5 votes

The Webby Awards is one of our favourite events of the year. They celebrate the best in all things digital, so we shared our top picks to get you hyped.

Although the awards have passed, this cracking blog showcases some excellent examples of how you can use the internet to boost your business and differentiate your brand from competitors. In fact, one our picks actually repeatedly referenced their main competitor with zero negativity as part of a promotional campaign – it’s genius!

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 4. 5 ways Star Wars helps you smash customer experience

 Inspiration can come from the strangest of places, so on May 4th (Star Wars Day) we brought you this insightful intergalactic blog which offers you guidance on providing the best customer experience in the galaxy.

It takes key aspects from the famed Star Wars franchise and shows you how to apply them to your business – read it and use The Force to grab great results

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5. My digital marketing internship – thoughts, tips and takeaways

This awesome blog was written by our fabulous intern Hannah to reflect on her time working at Maratopia. She discusses why she chose to apply for the internship, what she’s learned and her future plans.

What’s great about this blog is that it provides a real insight into the business and our people – who we are, what we do, who our team is. We’re a brand that likes to get to know our customers and partners, so it serves as a perfect introduction.

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Those are our favourite blogs of the year so far, but we’ve plenty more exciting ideas in the pipeline – keep your eyes peeled!

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