Case Study

Local SEO & Web Development

The Challenge

Yorkshire solicitors Switalskis has been named Yorkshire Law Firm of the Year three times in its recent history, and have provided an extensive amount of legal advice in a broad range of specialities since establishing in 1993.

The firm has been a beacon of employment opportunities for solicitors in the local area, with more than 200 employees guaranteeing a high-quality service for each of its clients.

After seeing holes in its web presence, the Yorkshire solicitors requested that we:

  • Improve rankings on search engine result pages
  • Improve traffic quality and leads
  • Add support for regional offices

Our Solution

Our process to improve Switalskis’ overall digital reach began with a series of reviews, which looked at:

  • The law firm’s current online presence
  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of its competitors
  • And a period of keyphrase research to bolster its SEO strategy

With this information, as well as a series of benchmarks, we developed a bespoke marketing plan which involved a content consolidation programme, which moved the content from a number of micro-sites onto one main hub site.

But our work was as extensive offsite as it was onsite, involving in-depth SEO work and citation creation for all of Switalskis’ offices.

In addition, we also provided a new hosting solution to improve the overall performance of the site. All this work is ongoing, reaping a rolling stream of additional benefits for our client.

Our web development team has also provided a clean and easy to use web platform, which will allow Switalskis to change its site independently, along with comprehensive training sessions to ensure ease of use.



Increase in Users

From 2015 – 2016



Up from 158,000


Increase in Sessions

Throughout the site

We have a continued working relationship with our client.