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The Challenge

CIVEA (The Civil Enforcement Association) is an industry body responsible for civil enforcement standards and best practice across the UK. Since it was established, it’s helped UK businesses and individuals apply for bailiff bond certification, issuing bonds to successful candidates and providing them with support every step of the way.

In order to provide first-grade support to its clients, as well as represent the legal intricacies of its industry in a friendly and informative way, CIVEA needed a website which was modern and easy to navigate.

As such, the following services were requested:

  • Development of new corporate branding for CIVEA
  • Development of a new website that was practical, engaging and attractive
  • Development of a portal to manage the application, review and issuing of bailiff bond certificates
  • Migration of content and bond information from the previous website to create a seamless transition
CIVEA - Visitor Sessions Statistics
CIVEA - Visitor Source Statistics

Our Solution

Developing a new corporate image for CIVEA required a number of considerations, each of which had to maintain the company’s well-established brand identity. CIVEA was formed as a merger of two similar organisations which preceded it, and its newest logo had to represent the tone and broad skillset of each company.

Our web design team worked closely with the client through a process of idea generation, market research, mood boarding and prototyping, leading to the creation of fresh, powerful assets which could appeal to a wide consumer base.

We then began the process of creating a new website which could incorporate the values and tone set by the corporate image, and by our in-depth research and consultation period with the client.

Further extensive research was undertaken during the development phase, primarily involving usability research, wireframing and analysis of user behaviour on the previous website.

Additions to the site included:

  • A news system
  • A document repository
  • A password protected forum to facilitate discussion between CIVEA and its members

A new portal to manage the application, review and issuing of Bailiff Bond Certificates was then created and implemented, containing the following features:

  • An online form which captures business or individual application
  • A member portal to monitor application progress or communicate with CIVEA
  • An admin control panel allowing review of new applications
  • The ability to approve and issue bond certificates for successful applications
  • The ability to generate and print certificates for successful applications, to be stamped and mailed out to applicants
  • Ongoing log of pending, approved and expired bond certificates

Once all these features were finalised and approved by the client, we then migrated all pertinent historical data (user data, past publications, forum discussions, news articles) from the old site, ensuring strict data security processes were observed.


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