Case Study

Paid Search & Google Remarketing


The challenge

Prior to April 2016, AX Paris was spending too much on a single conversion through their paid channel, which is why Maratopia was enlisted to bring this Cost-Per-Conversion figure down.

We would be able to do this using Keyword, Shopping & Remarketing PPC campaign types.

AX Paris - Visitor statistics
AX Paris - Adwords Diagnostics

Our Solution

Before commencing any work on the account, we first audited campaign performance for the past 12 months.

Our audit led us to instantly remove two thirds of all currently active keywords, as they had added little to zero value during the time they had been active.

The remaining keywords were then broken down into the following three groups:

  1. Bid Up – Terms that are returning well and where traffic should be maximised
  2. Improve Experience – Terms that are returning but not as well as they could
  3. Consider for Removal – Terms that had returned little but may have external value to the business

At this point, we had a much leaner active keyword list and a solid plan for improving all terms within based on the above categorisation.

We also ran Search Query reports for the previous six months, as no work had previously been done on the Negative Keywords in any campaign.

For the existing Shopping campaign, the approach was much the same, with instant actions taken to remove poorly returning products and ensuring the inclusion of products profitable to our client which weren’t previously being displayed.


After carefully analysing the existing campaigns and applying our process, targeted at our client’s goals, we achieved the following results:


Overall Campaign Cost



Cost per Conversion



Overall Campaign Revenue



Average Order Value


We achieved the above despite encountering a 62% increase in average CPCs across the campaigns. This increase was due to focusing budget on higher quality auctions, though we did have to react to the SERP changes in terms of the removal of right hand side ads, which also contributed slightly.