6 November 2018


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Off-Site SEO – which strategy will boost your business?

Off-Site SEO – which strategy will boost your business?

Twiddling, tweaking and tuning your website architecture and content to tackle troublesome search engine algorithm updates is standard SEO practice.

But on-site SEO is only one part of a robust strategy that grabs you great Google rankings and ensures you stay near the top.

For a holistic approach, it’s a game of two halves — your off-site SEO game will also have to be top-notch to score spectacular SERP goals.

What is ‘off-site SEO’ ?

Off-site SEO work takes place away from your website but is dedicated to increasing its search engine ranking.

Since it’s focused around the acquisition of ‘Backlinks’, you may have heard off-site SEO being referred to as either ‘Link Building’ or ‘Outreach’.

Does everyone need it?

If you want your website to perform well organically on search engines, the answer is definitely yes — you need an off-site SEO strategy.

Without implementing one, you’ll be relying entirely on how well optimised your website is, the quality of your on-site content and the user experience you provide both on site and within search results to increase your organic rankings. As explained previously, this isn’t sufficient to achieve sustainable

Are there different ways to do off-site SEO?

There are a few ways to approach off-site SEO and generate backlinks for your website:

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Local & Regional Businesses

If you have a business which relies on people near your location either walking through your door, placing an order for delivery of a product or booking a service you provide, then your off-site SEO focus would be on the creation of ‘Citations’.

Why? — search engines such as Google & Bing use ‘Citations’ as a resource for verifying which businesses offer which services in a given local area.

Key tip for Citations: ensure your name, address, postcode and contact details are accurate and consistent across all citation listings that you create.

Helpful Site: Moz provide a great free way to check the health of your top Citations

National & International Businesses

If the location of your customer is relevant because you’re a purely online business able to offer products and services anywhere in the world, you’ll need to pursue the creation of less localised backlinks for your off-site SEO strategy.

Although you may hear chatter of ‘local links’ when discussing Citations, there are really no such things as ‘national links’ or ‘international links’.

When creating these links you’ll use a process called ‘Outreach’, which we believe can be split to 2 parts — ‘PR Outreach’ and ‘Webmaster Outreach’.

Always check the ‘topical trust flow’ of target sites is relevant to you & your industry.

Helpful Site: Majestic (you’ll need the paid version to access the most useful features).

Link Earning

The first two methods involve various kinds of ‘Link Building’ which require some form of manual work off-site.

But ‘Link Earning’ involves sterling efforts creating amazing on-site content resources and experiences that are so impressive, other sites actively want to link to them and bask in their reflected glory.

The creation of content of this type must be methodical if it is to have the desired effect — it should ideally be unquestionably unique and radically relevant.

Final word

Following these core tenets of digital content creation will help you maximise the chances of creating engageable, link earning content:

  1. Define your audience.
  2. Create content in the format, style and tone your audience finds most appealing.
  3. Distribute it where your audience will easily find it.

Whether you’re a local, regional, national or international business, the ideal off-site SEO strategy is one which leverages the aforementioned tactics most relevant to helping you climb SERP rankings, maintain your position and connect with target customers effectively.

With the right blend of on- and off-site SEO, you’ll be a digital force to be reckoned with.

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