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SEO for Brands in the Know

With so many strands to digital marketing and countless conflicting opinions on which of the latest fads you should focus on, you could be forgiven for thinking SEO is yesterday’s news.

But you’d be more wrong than a cupcake pusher at a diet convention, because SEO is the primary traffic generator for your website and without it you’ll be harder to find than hen’s teeth.

SEO is here to stay for the foreseeable future and a must-do if you’re serious about making the web work for your business.

Like all things digital, SEO is in a state of flux and it’s a science that’s become increasingly sophisticated. So for instance, if you crammed a clutch of search keywords into your website in 2005 and have sat back thinking ‘SEO far, SEO good’ since (sorry), you’re in serious need of an upgrade.

Search keywords and phrases are still important, but the complex alchemy of search engine algorithms means results are now much more accurate and closely aligned with user intent — so that means SEO must be more substantive and finely-tuned.

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What does this mean for your current SEO campaigns?

Whilst SEO has continued to evolve, it’s still driven primarily by the production of quality content which clearly answers the specific questions your high-intent consumers are asking and makes engaging with your brand a brilliant user experience at every possible touchpoint — from search engines to your site itself.

Secondly, and equally importantly, a joined-up approach to SEO requires acquiring relevant backlinks from other trusted sites — for the search engine spiders who crawl through your site to assess its ranking, this luscious link juice is just what the digital doctor ordered.

So savvy SEO today requires an agile and methodical approach, drawing on everything from technical SEO to creative content and traditional marketing theory to UX focused web design.

SEO from Maratopia includes:

  • Audience Profiling
  • Technical SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Link Outreach
  • Data Analysis
  • Reporting

International SEO Services

Are you planning on selling Dundee cake in Dubrovnik or Morris Dancing bells in Marseille?

If you have audiences in more than one country, you’ll need to acquire quality organic search traffic in each territory to supercharge your SEO and translate your success.

We’ve got the solution you’re looking for — multilingual SEO campaigns featuring focused and fluent foreign language content and outreach elements.

Our SEO process is fully transferable to any language market and we have the in-house capability to produce content in the following languages: German, Spanish, French, Greek, Albanian and Italian.

We can also provide in-house native German Language (DE, AU), French Language (FR), Portuguese translation (PT, BR) and native Spanish translation (MX, ES, CR), Greek language (GR, CY), Italian Language (IT) and Albanian (AL) experience.

Multilingual legends who are down with digital too? It’s all in a day’s work at Maratopia.

  • Brice Agamemnon Avatar

    We insturcted Maratopia to do an SEO audit of our websites.They provided a very thorough report and were really impressed with the quality of the work.There were clear identifications of the pain points and the actions required to solve this problem.We had a few chats with them during the process and they helped us understanding more about SEO.After the initial work with them,we are still in talks to continue our collaboration.

    Brice Agamemnon
    07 Oct 2021
    Martin Mansell, Managing Director Avatar

    We have worked with Maratopia to build upon our existing national & international SEO strategies and have been impressed with the professional manner in which they approach their work and importantly, the results we have achieved together.

    Martin Mansell, Managing Director
    28 Nov 2018
  • Mohammed Arbaaz Avatar

    Steve from Attercopia was very helpful as he took time out of his day, in order to participate in some research, that I was doing for a University dissertation. He possesses impressive digital marketing knowledge, especially on SEO and web development. I would highly recommend the company for any businesses looking for marketing assistance.

    Mohammed Arbaaz 14 Oct 2019
    Lisa Clay Avatar

    Having worked alongside the agency for a number of years, I only have positive things to say. In particular, Amber (who I have dealt with on a monthly basis) has proven to be a great help in assisting me with in-depth data regarding our website ranking, SEO overview and much more. Would highly recommend.

    Lisa Clay
    Ark Veterinary Surgery
    14 Jun 2021

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