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Whether you’re looking to reach out to local customers, or expand your enterprise to a regional, national or global level, we’ve got what it takes to create an SEO campaign that will launch your business to new heights.

You need an agency that cares about your business goals and has the know-how to help you master the net – and good news, you’re in the right place.

At Maratopia, we have the expertise, experience and inspiration to get you where you need to be.

Data Analysis and Reporting

We use sophisticated analytical tools to track your site’s SEO progress every step of the way and report back to you in plain English, so you know where your site is up to. From the early stages of our relationship with you, we’ll establish clear goals with estimated timelines, so you can track our progress transparently.

Audience Profiling

Understanding your target audience is an important part of building an SEO campaign, and at Maratopia, we want to know what makes your customers tick, from their buying habits and purchasing demands to how long they spend online, and where they go in the digital realm. Using this information, we can personalize your content to place your site at their fingertips, from their first display of interest in your product to the moment they make that all-important first purchase with you! As well as targeting your site at new customers, we add a personal touch to all our SEO techniques to build lasting relationships with your existing customer base.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO audits may sound very, well… technical. But they’re an essential part of SEO success that examines every aspect of your website to find out what’s working and what needs improvement, weeding out any flaws that could be negatively affecting your search engine performance. Our technical SEO team are highly experienced in local, national, and international SEO have the know-how to optimize every inch of your site. 

Google Algorithm Experts

If you’re not an SEO expert or web wizard, you might not be aware that Google regularly introduces updates to its ranking algorithms. They don’t do it just to move the goalposts and keep you on your toes – it’s an important process that filters out low-quality search results that waste users’ time. However, if you’re not aware of these changes and don’t keep your SEO up to date, they can wreak havoc on your site’s traffic without you even knowing. That’s why our experts make it their job to keep up to date with the latest updates and keep you informed, so that your SEO campaign doesn’t miss a beat.

SEO Content & Copywriting

Content is essential to your site, and content written by experts who know how to factor in SEO serves the dual purpose of pleasing the search engine ranking gods whilst simultaneously sealing the deal with customers when they reach your page. Good quality SEO-driven content will contain the keywords, phrases and topics that your customers are searching for, signalling to search engines that your site has the answers they need and driving clicks, which will quickly become conversions once your captivating copywriting and brilliantly designed site reel in shoppers like a fish on a hook. Without relevant and appealing content your site may as well be invisible to the search engine crawlers that determine your rankings, let alone your customers.

International SEO

There’s a wide world out there for your business to explore. And in order to tap into international markets, you need the right SEO tools for the job. In spite of its major dominance, Google is not the only search engine out there, nor is it the most widely used in every country, so an international SEO campaign should also seek to target alternatives like Baidu and Yandex. Your onsite content should be translated by a native speaker who can make it sound as natural as possible and adapt your copy where necessary to account for cultural differences – we have in-house translators who can do this for a wide range of languages. Whilst assisting you on your globalisation mission, we’ll also optimise your branding and design for your new marketplace and use international blogger outreach to give it the boost it needs.

Blogger Outreach

Link equity (or link juice, as it’s known in the digital marketing world) is highly sought after by search engines when it comes to determining rankings. Link equity builds up when trusted sites with a high virtual footfall link to your website, signaling to the search engine that your site is full of linkable content. This can be done organically but it does take time – however, with offsite SEO boosting methods such as link outreach, it can be achieved much more quickly. We tap into a wide network of influencer sites who publish guest posts by our crafty content writers – these posts will contain references to your site, connecting you to bloggers and readers whilst improving your link quality, boosting link equity and traffic for the short and long-term. We would strongly recommend using offsite SEO techniques such as this alongside your onsite tools for a well-rounded and thorough package.
Be found online organically

Main Business Benefits of SEO

Our experts can talk about the ins and outs of SEO until the cows come home – they’re the best in the London SEO biz after all! But what you want to know is not how SEO works, but what it can do for your business. Take a look at the main benefits of search engine optimisation:



Without SEO, you may as well take your beautifully designed website, your carefully crafted content and your ambitions and send them off in a time capsule to outer space, covered with an invisible cloak. SEO will help you build a substantial presence on search engines like Google, sending customers your way and diverting them from competitors.


Local footfall

In order to capitalise on local demand, your website should optimise for ‘near me’ searches, as well as mobile users. These types of searches tend to yield the most promising leads, meaning customers searching these terms are more likely to make a purchase. In short, SEO will drive footfall not only to your website, but to your physical store too!



Search engine ‘spiders’ – the crawlers that check your site to determine its ranking – love optimised content. As your site improves for them, it becomes more useful for human users too. If a potential customer can find an answer on your site in just a few clicks, they’re likely to spend more time on there, and in turn, money. It’s a win-win!


Authority and Trust

When your website is filled with high-quality content that’s SEO friendly, search engines and users alike will quickly come to recognize your brand as a beacon of authority, making you the go-to for their queries. This puts you ahead of the competition, placing you in a strong position for the short and long-term, as your one-off purchases transform into loyal regular customers who will spread the word about your business via word of mouth, on and offline.


Proven results

We won’t lie – organic SEO results won’t happen overnight. But by sowing the seeds as soon as possible, your firm will build a strong presence that yields measurable long-term results. It’s an essential investment that will help when it comes to competing with big business. Making the most of SEO will help you establish a firm groundwork online, providing a local boost and raising your profile ready for regional, national and international growth.

Why Choose Maratopia For London SEO?

With so many London SEO agencies claiming to be the best in the business, why should you choose Maratopia to kickstart your campaign?

For a start, we have a wide array of services with a proven track record of success for countless firms just like yours. Our dedicated team have produced results time and time again, sustaining businesses through tough times and promoting growth through high-quality SEO.

Our in-house SEO, UX & CRO and Content wizards can handle anything that comes their way, and your success is their number one priority. Everything we do is tailored to each client, so our work will reflect your brand’s aims and values.

We also pledge to be completely upfront every step of the way, and from the beginning we’ll tell you that SEO won’t get you to the top the Google rankings overnight. But we’ll work with you to put together a package that suits your budget and gives you measurable results in a realistic timeframe.

Whatever it takes, we can deliver.


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SEO Case Studies

Client Case Studies

We could go on all day about how our team of passionate and dedicated professionals are the best around – and we almost have! 

But we know you came to us to see results, so take a shortcut and check out our case studies to see success stories from our countless satisfied clients.

With a combination of sparkling SEO and other seamless services, such as Content and Web Design and Development, we’ve helped companies of all kinds smash the SERP rankings and cement their position at the top.

We can’t wait to meet our next client, and no matter your business, we can create an SEO campaign that puts you top of the digital leader board in your market.

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