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15 May 2020


2 mins read

#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – #StayHome News Highlights

#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – #StayHome News Highlights

Happy Friday!

The bank holiday came and went far too quickly, but the weekend is back and we’re ready for it!

And as always, we’ve been hard at work bringing you the best industry news from around the web. So kick back, relax and unwind with this week’s top stories.

🧩 Escape Rooms Via Zoom

Escape rooms have become the latest real-life experience to get the Zoom treatment. US-based company Puzzle Break have created an online escape room entitled The Grimm Escape, which gives participants 90 minutes to “escape” by solving puzzles as a team. Reckon you and your friends could take on the challenge?

Find the way out here!

💻 Facebook and Google Extend Working From Home

Tech giants Facebook and Google have announced this week that the majority of their employees will be working from home until 2021. This comes after last month’s announcement that all of Facebook’s major events will be cancelled until June next year.

Learn more here.

🎵 Father-Son Duo Create HopeCast

Arsalan Usmani and his son Ibraheem have created an inspiring and poignant project called HopeCast using voice recordings submitted by members of the public. The pair have matched the recordings with backing tracks to spread messages of hope and encourage creativity.

View their incredible work here.

📱 iPhone 12 Details Leaked

Slowly but surely, we’ve been learning more about the new generation iPhones, and this week’s leak has hinted at a number of new features, including display sizes and specs, 5G connectivity, enhanced 3D capacities, and a potential release date of October.

Get a sneak peek here.

🌑 Facebook Rolls Out Dark Mode

What began as a way to save battery life and reduce eye strain has become something of a trend amongst social media users, and although it has been slow on the uptake, Facebook has finally released its own version of dark mode.

Learn how to use it here. 

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