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7 August 2020


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#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – Fill Your Feed

#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – Fill Your Feed


It’s around the time of year we at the Maratopia office would usually be visiting Huddersfield Food & Drink Festival.

This year the annual event has gone virtual, but it remains the perfect follow up to last weekend’s Yorkshire Day – we kept our celebrations for that particular local regional holiday lowkey this year, but you can check out our blog on ‘God’s Own Country’ here.

In fact, it’s blogs galore over here – check out the latest instalment of our Friday Fiver below!

⌚ Could Smart Rolexes Be the Future?

While smartwatches get smarter with each new generation, the traditional timepiece is a little behind in functionality. But the iconic Rolex watch could be in for a very modern update. The MuchBetter Winwatch from Swiss Military Chrono has a hidden microprocessor in its sapphire glass that enables contactless payments – this small step could be the future of horology!

Watch this space.

🎮 Fifteen-Year-Old Fortnite Millionaire

Jaden Ashman, also known as Wolfiez, is the youngest ever esports player to win a million dollars, and his fantastic achievement has transformed his gaming hobby into a career. The Fortnite millionaire’s winnings, equivalent to £750,000, changed his family’s lives when he was able to buy his mum the house of her dreams.

Find out how he did it.

🍪 Google Introduces Trust Tokens

In an attempt to cut back on third-party cookies, Google is trialling an alternative tracking system called Trust Tokens. The tokens are able to trace user activity so that websites can prove to advertisers that their ad clicks are coming from real people, not bots, but they also allow the user to retain their anonymity.

Learn more here.

🐕 Ford Goes to the Dogs

A while back we shared Boston Dynamics creation Spot, a four-legged dog-bot who was helping out in hospitals as part of the fight against COVID-19. As lockdowns begin to lift, he and his friend Fluffy will be working in the Ford warehouse completing 3D scans in hard to reach areas, using lasers and cameras attached to their backs.

Meet them here.

💻 Twitter Confirms Subscription Service in The Works

In another follow-up to a story we covered a few months ago, Twitter have revealed certain details about their upcoming subscription service, formerly known as Project Gryphon. The subscription could include paid features such as an ‘unsend’ function that would retract a tweet within 30 seconds of posting, as well as profile badges and the ability to post longer videos with better resolution.

Check it out.

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