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#FridayFiver ✋– The Latest from Cyberspace

Welcome back to the Friday Fiver, Maratopians!

Are you joining us in a chorus of “Football’s coming home!”, or do you find yourself sharing the cynicism of Kasper Schmeichel, who questioned the prowess of the three lions when he asked earlier this week “Has it ever been home?!”

Whichever side you’re in, we hope you’ve had an excellent week! And now, at long last, the weekend has rolled around, which means it’s time for another weekly dose of top stories that might have slipped by you while you were watching the footie!

So, grab yourself a cup of tea, take yourself a quick break (we won’t tell your boss!) and check out these five news snippets that caught our attention!

🍏Symbol Bug Disables Wi-Fi

Have you noticed problems with your internet connectivity lately? We may just have a solution for you! It’s been revealed this week that using your iPhone or iPad to connect to Wi-Fi networks which contain the percentage symbol can disable Wi-Fi on the devices. It’s suspected that the symbol is responsible for a programming bug which causes devices to disconnect from the network – 9to5 Mac recommends avoiding networks using the % sign to dodge the bug.

Read the full story here

🐈Purrfect Pet Influencers

By now we’re no strangers to influencer marketing. It can have a powerful impact on brands and boost buyer awareness, sending products viral overnight. But these days, the face of your average influencer is changing – perhaps more drastically than you’d expect! Brossy Meowington is one of the most famous feline names in the pet influencer industry, with over 50k followers and a wealth of brand deals, bringing home the kibble for his siblings and racking up recognition online.

Find out more.

📦Parents Call for Amazon to Change Alexa’s Name

If you know an Alexa, you may well be used to the comedic confusion of the popular Amazon speaker. But after recent reports that the name is causing trouble in schools for its junior namesakes, some parents are calling for Amazon to change the name of its top-selling smart speaker. Alexa responds to a variety of other monikers, including Echo, Computer, and Amazon, but we wonder if the Hals of the world had a similar problem back in 1968…

Alternative names for Alexa?

🐍New Nokia to be Released Before Winter 2021

We all have fond memories of the Nokia 3310. That indestructible device with a battery life that an iPhone could never even begin to imagine – not to mention that retro favourite, Snake! But despite being one of the most successful phones in the world, and Nokia’s most iconic device, the 3310 is unfortunately now more at home in a museum than in our pockets (remember the days when we could fit a phone in our pockets?) But this week, Nokia have revealed their new Flagship release. The latest generation, whose name is yet to be revealed, could be with us as early as November 11th. Numerous rumours surround the phone’s features, including a penta-lens camera, giving it the potential to be one of the most exciting mobile releases of the year.

Learn more.

🧙‍♂️Google Hides Easter Egg in iPhone App

Google are well known for their hidden Easter eggs, from interactive Google doodles to the ‘No Internet’ dinosaur. But this week, savvy users spotted a pinball game concealed inside its iPhone browser app. When users open a new tab and leave it for a moment or two, shapes will appear on the screen which, when the user swipes up, will transform into an addictive little timewaster.

Become a pinball wizard.

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