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23 December 2017


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Your top 5 digital marketing resolutions for 2017

Your top 5 digital marketing resolutions for 2017

“I’m getting fit for 2017!” you shout at your New Year party, before shovelling more wine and cheese down your gullet and wondering if it’s socially acceptable to see how many vol-au-vents you can fit into your mouth at one time.

A New Year’s resolution dissolves on contact with New Year’s Day, usually while you’re hungover in bed, lamenting the previous night’s excesses, wondering how anyone could be bothered moving, let alone visiting the gym and, bleurgh, trying to get fit.

Few of us will improve our fitness in 2017, even fewer of us will learn a new language and only one person will manage to read a book a week for the year, and only because no one wants to talk to them.

But while slobbing around like a sloth on a bank holiday is a perfectly respectable way to run your personal life, the digital marketing strategy for your business can’t suffer the same fate.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with five fantastic digital marketing resolutions for 2017. Stick firmly to them all year round and watch your customer engagement soar.

1. Stay current with your content

From blogposts to landing pages, your content can benefit from an engagement with popular culture and current events. Before you write anything, take a look at the world around you. Connect with the culture that interests your customers and you’ll interest them all the more.

2. Keep mobiles in mind

Optimising your site for mobile phones has been important for years. But in 2017 it’ll be vital.

Over the next year, Google will be altering the way it prioritises websites to give those with a mobile-optimised site a little boost in their rankings.

Sound complicated? Then read our Digital Marketing Apprentice Adam Stewart’s thoughts on the mobile index split to learn a little more.


Websites require constant tweaking to maximise your reach. So check if spam bots are ruining your traffic data, make sure people are clicking through to your site when you send them an email, keep abreast of your conversion rates, and test new site layouts and structures to improve engagement.

Your site can be analysed and improved upon, turning it into a hot property for 2017.


Web design is a slave to trends, and few web designers are willing to think outside the box. They’ll stick to the template of the day, seldom thinking to buck a trend or move into pastures new.

Yet a fresh design will make you stand out proudly from the competition and, provided your design is intuitive, could pique customer interest and increase engagement. Don’t be frightened to experiment.


Your customers’ online habits aren’t set in stone. Some will be writing pithy captions on Twitter while others will be posting photos of their breakfast on Instagram.

But your resources can only stretch so far. If you want to maximise your engagement with customers, find out your customers’ preferred social media platform and tailor content to suit it.

All these tips will take time, research and resources if you want to ensure your 2017 goes swimmingly. To stick to your resolutions, get in touch with us for the best content marketing, design and development solutions, as well as a host of other services.

So have a good New Year, explore your marketing opportunities for the year ahead and, for god’s sake, lay off the vol-au-vents.

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