10 December 2017


2 mins read

Year In Review: Our Team’s Marketing Highlights Of 2017

Maratopia Digital Marketing Ltd

As marketing pros it’s only right that we keep an eagle eye on the latest industry developments.

And we’ve crammed 2017’s juiciest highlights together here for your end of year enjoyment— dive in for a delicious treat.

John-Paul Drake, Digital Director:

“2017 was the year that localised SEO really began to flex its muscles.

Google maps enabled video uploads and the power of optimising for long-tail ‘near me’ keywords became even more apparent.

Straightforward website tactics like revising your URL structure, chopping low traffic pages and incorporating high-quality inbound links remained easy wins for any local business looking to maximise its presence in search results.

The web has democratised business but the real benefits for SMEs came home this year.”

Hannah Firbank, Senior Account Manager

“For many firms, simply having a presence on social media channels like Facebook wasn’t enough — only 10% of followers see your Facebook post on their newsfeed so a little strategic spending on paid ads allows for accurate targeting and a good ROI.

In the wider marketing world brands will likely focus more on empathic marketing in 2018.

In a noisy digital marketplace, being more sensitive to customers’ needs and taking a step back to pay attention to emotional cues will lead to more conversions than trying to shout louder and more often than competitors.”

Kevin Fullerton, Senior Content Developer

“Google’s John Mueller emphasised the importance of creating quality content this year when he said that a good rule of thumb is creating content that encourages people to return to your site, even without a search engine.

But consistently creating engaging content requires time, effort and the flexibility to react to breaking news quickly. Planning blog and social media topics six to 12 months in advance allows for the perfect blend of evergreen and fresh content.”

Steve Harvey-Franklin, Owner

In 2017, forward-thinking brands continued to differentiate themselves from competitors based on customer experience.

Next year, digital tactics and strategies will be the engine room that powers a holistic approach providing excellent customer service across digital and traditional channels, from mobile marketing to face-to-face interactions.

This joined-up approach means that customers are satisfied at every single touchpoint of their journey with your company — and keep coming back for more.”

What to look out for in 2018:

  • A more sophisticated approach to paid social boosting conversions
  • Good SEO housekeeping for websites boosting local search rankings
  • A laser focus on customer experience.


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