20 December 2017


4 mins read

Year In Review: 8 Days Of Work Experience With Hyab Tesfai

Maratopia Digital Marketing Ltd

In the July 2017, the Maratopia team invited 18-year-old Hyab Tesfai to work for us as an intern.

We showed her the ropes of digital marketing and gave her some industry insights that she’ll find invaluable as she embarks on a career in digital.

Read her experiences to see what we get up to on a day-by-day basis.

Day 1

On my first day of work experience I found out about the website Search Engine Land, where I did research on search engine optimisation (SEO) and how it works. I also found that the world of digital marketing is fast paced and always changing.

Then Hannah, the Senior Account Manager, asked me to create an email list of all the tennis clubs in the UK. There was a link to Globus Data UK which Hannah sent me to locate all the UK tennis clubs, which I then used to create an email list of all the tennis clubs in the UK. I’m sure this will be really useful for the sales team in the future.

Later, I got the opportunity to watch a meeting with one of Maratopia’s clients, seeing how a Web Developer trained the client on the improvements that were made to their website.

The reason for this was so the client could use their website accurately with the new changes to improve the quality of their output. The web development team created the website using WordPress, and they edited it using Cornerstone.

Dan helped the client with things like adding a hover effect on the website and improved the imagery on the homepage. After the meeting I reviewed a new website created by Maratopia and noted down anything that could be improved, like font size, social media presence or other usability factors.

Day 2

On my second day of work experience I got the chance to write an article for a client. Kevin, the Senior Content Writer, explained that the blog would be in third person and in an informal manner, which was an interesting experience as I’ve never written a blogpost before.

This was part of an outreach campaign as the content of my blog had to link to a client’s site and improve their search ranking. After the outreach article, I also emailed all the tennis clubs in the UK with the list I had made the day before.

I then had some Photoshop training from Andy who works with the web development team. I learned how to add shadows to images, blur backgrounds, change the spacing between text to make it even and layer images.

Day 3

I added more information about the tennis clubs using Seorch which is a website that analyses URL links to a website. I then used it to see if the vets, opticians and dentists in Kirklees could improve their websites.

I added the information I found from the Seorch analysis into a spreadsheet. The more problems with the website the lower the quality it would be, decreasing their Google ranking and their visibility to potential consumers.

Day 4

On day four I continued with the Seorch analysis for the vets, opticians and dentists in Kirklees, using a detailed targeting system which had people’s job titles to see if they would need any marketing support.

Day 5

On day five I learned about AdWords from Jonathon, Senior Search Strategist, and I found out that two tests need to be taken online which have all the content you need to learn about AdWords. The tests are “AdWords Fundamentals” and “Search Advertising”. I learned that there are two types of Ads on Google. These are organic ads and paid ads.

Organic ads appear in Google search results because of their relevance to what a consumer has typed into the search engine. But paid ads appear at the top of the page because web owners have paid for them to appear first.

The ad needs to match what the consumer types in the search engine as closely as possible. Also I learnt that to build or edit campaigns and ads you need to use Google AdWords Editor. Screaming Frog is software where can crawl URLs and it can detect if a website is live or not working when consumers click on it.

Day 6

On day six I used AdWords Editor and Screaming Frog to check if some of Maratopia’s clients have websites that are live. The reason for this was to check the status of sites, making sure that none had broken pages or faulty links.

Day 7

I went to a networking event in Bradford with Digital Knowledge Exchange which was really interesting as there were different companies and talks about how the companies could improve their marketing strategies.

Day 8

The first thing I did on the last day was to crawl the clients’ sites again using AdWords Editor and Screaming Frog which helped me to practice what I learnt. Also I looked at how Jonathon edits social media ads for clients and he noted any changes that needed to be made.

Also I learned more about coding from the web developers and I found about SSL. This is an encryption system to ensure that information sent to and from the site is not being transmitted in plain, readable text. It can be linked to SEO as the security of a website can impact its Google ranking.

After that I learned about how Maratopia uploads their blogs onto their website.

They use WordPress and it was interesting to see how you can easily edit aspects of the blog and see the coding involved in uploading.

At the end of my work experience, I learned a lot about the digital marketing industry and working at Maratopia definitely helped me make up my mind on which career path I wanted to go into. The friendly staff made the work experience really enjoyable.


We were delighted with Hyab’s progress throughout the eight days of her work experience – so much so that she’s now an apprentice with us and one of the most valued recruits we’ve taken on in 2017.

We’re always on the hunt for young talent to make our digital marketing even better, so don’t be afraid to get in touch if you’d like to become a part of the Maratopia family.