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What's Shopify?

When you want to be open for business 24/7/365, your website has to offer customers a smooth and seamless shopping experience.

And that’s the beauty of Shopify – it’s a complete ecommerce platform that empowers you to launch, grow, and sustain a successful business.

Trusted by over 800,000 businesses around the globe, it’s a holistic solution that incorporates secure checkouts, payments, shipping and more.

But it also looks and feels great to customers too, with stunning themes that allow our designers to align everything from website layout to content and colours with your brand.

Hassle-free ECommerce

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When you’re running a busy business, it’s absolutely vital that your website is always in great working order – in fact, your livelihood depends on it.

And the great news is that because Shopify is completely cloud-based and hosted, you don’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining software or web servers – this hassle-free peace of mind allows you to focus on striving and thriving.

What’s more, this elegant ecommerce solution provides you with the flexibility to access and run your business from anywhere with an internet connection – meaning that wherever you are in the world, at any particular time, you can be confident that your digital tills are always ringing.

What does Shopify allow me to do?

Shopify simplifies all of the following:

Creating and customizing your online store

So that it’s unique, authentic and customer-centric.

Selling across multiple channels

Including web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations and pop-up shops.

Managing product offerings

Monitoring inventory, securing payments, and arranging shipping

How can we help?

Our web designers have extensive experience with the Shopify platform, enabling us to develop and advise on the best action plan for your specific business requirements.

We’ll always provide as satisfying a solution as possible to match your aspirations and budget – from completely bespoke designs, integrated business processes, product and content upload with comprehensive support, to a swift templated, plug and play fix that gets everything rolling in a couple of weeks.

In other words, we’ll work with you to implement the most appropriate approach for you and your business, always finding the answer which allows you to launch successfully and grow sustainably.

Fantastic eCommerce functionality

Shopify boasts brilliant functionality, which includes, but isn’t limited to:

Intelligent inventory management

Basket recovery

Email marketing integration

Courier integration

Sales analysis

Order management

Product level variants for prices, size colours and optional extras

Shipping calculations based on multiple possibilities

But with Shopify, as with every digital marketing discipline, a stitch in time saves nine.

So you can be confident that before we suggest a service package, we take the time to really get to know you, your business and your long term goals. We’ll then work closely with your stakeholders to formulate a tailored solution that meets and exceeds your expectations – down to every last detail.

Should you build your eCommerce store with Shopify?

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The answer is very probably yes.

Why? Because getting down to business quickly and efficiently helps you establish your digital presence and building an ecommerce store with Shopify enables you to start selling quickly.

And the calling card of this platform is sophisticated simplicity, so everything feels effortless – from choosing terrific templates to uploading your products, customising with company branding and connecting to a payment provider.


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But like any eCommerce platform, Shopify has its pros and cons:

The start-to-finish development process is quick – we can usually have a website live within two weeks to one month (depending on the size and any custom functionality). As explained, this will give you a firm foundation to start selling online reasonably rapidly.

The templates are mobile responsive and out-of-the-box, but some elements may need extra honing to optimise them for all devices. This is especially important, as over 70% of orders on Shopify sites come from mobile.

So if you need an online store that’s mobile responsive but doesn’t require too much high-spec functionality, Shopify might be your bag. It enables your website to be tweaked further down the line if you want to alter the way the template looks and feels, or integrate it with emerging systems and technologies.

What if Shopify isn't for me?

Don’t worry – there are many different platforms available and we’re confident we’ll find the perfect fit for your firm. Check out our Website Design and Development services for more information on the breadth and depth of our expertise.

Shopify is a superb choice for many businesses, but it’s only the tip of the platform iceberg – we’ll help you see the whole picture to provide you with exactly what you need to excel in ecommerce.

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