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Branding that breathes life into your business

Without branding, your business will never feel fully alive to customers or staff.

Your brand is your creation story, mission, values and worldview distilled into one electrifying elixir that’s inspiring and instantly recognisable.

Branding built on self-knowledge, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and empathy makes a business much more than the sum of its parts.

Because in an environment where ethical purchasing decisions are becoming more prevalent, people want to know that you stand for something more significant than merely making money.

Done right, branding becomes a shared psychology that instils trust and makes customers feel comfortable spending their time and money with you.

It differentiates you from competitors and unites staff and customers into one cohesive clan that’s ready to take on the world together – pretty cool, right?

Comprehensive Branding Bundles for your Business

The best brands are consistent in everything they do, and that’s what makes them resonate with the public.

For example, think about the smooth curves and sleek lines Apple applies to everything from its logo to the iPhone, or the floral motifs and geometric patterns Charles Rennie Mackintosh integrated in external facades, lighting fixtures and door handles (Mackintosh knew all about branding too).

We’re experts in branding, and truly understand what it means to your business and your customers. That’s why we would love to work with you on every aspect of it – from identifying your values to designing your logo and distributing branded content.

So if you’re ready to trust us with a blank slate (go on - you know you want to!) we can design a brilliant branding bundle that enhances every aspect of your business.

A diverse range of dynamic branding services

If you don’t need a branding bundle right now, we can offer the following services to fast-track your firm’s success:

Brand building workshops

If you’re starting from scratch, we’ll help you hone an engaging creation myth that’s exciting, inspirational and defines your mission, differentiate your products and services for customers by aligning them with emotionally engaging values and if necessary, create a catchy name that cleverly encapsulates all of these elements. By the end of your workshop, you’ll better understand your brand personality and position.

Brand Archetypes

Carl Jung’s 12 personality archetypes can also be applied to brands, and once we understand your culture, values and what makes you special, we’ll know which of these 12 archetypes can help you communicate effectively with target customers and tell business stories that people in any culture understand, appreciate and buy into.

Brand Design and Visuals

A picture can paint a thousand words. That’s why our brand design services cover everything from developing a legendary logo that becomes your calling card to deciding which colours make your customers feel warm, fuzzy or all fired up. We can produce spellbinding visuals that captivate customers and perfectly project your brand personality – from website design to guidebooks and leaflets, every visual element is designed for your success.

Brand storytelling

A good brand has something to say and says it in a way that’s authentic, original and compelling. But effective storytelling needs structure to keep customers gripped and a voice, tone and style that’s trusted, confident and compelling. If you want you and your customers to live happily ever after, our professional copywriters ensure you’re always ready with the right words at the right times.

Brand Strategy and Rebranding

We’ll tie all of the above elements together in a strategy focused on helping you achieve your goals, whether they’re increased awareness, leads or sales. And we’ll develop branded content that’s shareable on all channels, from your website blog to social media and merchandise. If you’re rebranding to change direction, attract a different clientele or push a new core product or service, we can ensure the transition is smooth, confident and convincing to customers.

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