Bespoke ecommerce for ambitious brands

When you’ve got big business dreams, you need an ecommerce platform with all the tweakable tech specs necessary to make them reality.

Magento might be exactly what you’re looking for – it’s trusted by iconic brands like Ford, Harvey Nichols, Land Rover and Liverpool FC and handles over $155 billion in transactions every year.

Our Web Development and Design Team have all the skills and experience required to leverage Magento so that it takes your business to the next level.

Let’s take a deep dive into the popular platform’s lake of Web Dev loveliness.

Magento has been #1 on the Internet Retailer 1000 list for four years in a row
and it’s the preferred platform for more than 250,000 merchants worldwide.

What are the advantages of Magento?

If you want a high-spec site that grows with you as your business expands, Magento’s enterprise-grade scalability is just what the web doctor ordered.

And it has a whole host of excellent ecommerce features, including:

  • Fine-grained options for product specialisations
  • An intuitive page editor that enables versatile content management
  • Mobile-friendly configuration that simplifies shopping on the move
  • Engineered with SEO in mind
  • Massively powerful – can handle 80,000 orders per hour and support 500,000 products per site.
  • Integrates smoothly with third-party entities like Google Shopping, Ebay and PayPal.
  • Makes automated upselling and cross-selling easy
  • Many extensions and plugins available from other Magento users in its worldwide community
  • Facilitates filtered search options for shoppers which improves their experience and fast-tracks sales.
  • Customised security permissions for peace of mind.

How can Maratopia help me use Magento?

As you can see, Magento boasts a long list of advantages and it’s a premium product that can accelerate your business aspirations.

But no platform is perfect, so Magento positives like good uptime are balanced out with high-end hosting requirements.

Because of all of its super-cool customisation options and fabulous functionality, a tailor-made maintenance contract would ensure that our adept developers are always on hand to maximise its potential and performance for you.

And we can offer you a fluid retainer that ensures upgrades are completed as required – with the flexibility to switch your spend to other channels like SEO or Marketing at times when everything is ticking along smoothly.

So that sums up Magento – it sounds like a luxury ice lolly and could help you lick the competition.

Need some Magento Magic?

Need some Magento Magic for your eCommerce?