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We’re big fans of PHP framework Laravel

Like the WebDev demons we are, we’ve used it as the firm foundation of a custom web solution that helps you unlock access to a myriad of benefits when building your site.

Here’s why you should get as excited about our innovative approach as we are:

We can’t get enough of code – so much so that, as mentioned, instead of letting Laravel rest on its laurels, we used it as the launchpad for our own premium platform. This gives us more flexibility than any of our other platforms because it means that, rather than getting frustrated with other people’s restrictions, we’re free to tweak things as we see fit in order to make your site as fabulous as possible for you.

We love uptime – which is why we deploy our sites using FORGE, meaning that, at the push of a button, your site is live and kicking – no more wasting time and money on complicated server management.

We worship security – with authentication at the very centre of the environment, we ensure that only people authorised to see your content can access it. Laravel boasts some pretty impressive security chops that protect your site from many forms attack – say goodbye to spammy form submissions and nasty SQL injections and hello to hassle-free uptime.

We embrace change – which is why we’re active in keeping a keen ear to the ground in development communities and are first on the ground to proactively fix any security vulnerabilities as they emerge. We also like to keep an eye on new technologies so that we can make better websites for you – with all eyes and ears firmly focused on the latest happenings, we’re always agile and adaptive.

You adore change – what use is a website if you can’t change things on it? Pretty pointless – which is why all of our custom builds have a CMS which lets you build new pages, write blog posts and make every amendment necessary for your site to evolve as a dynamic entity that drives your success.

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  • Fiona Lazenby Avatar

    “I chose to work with Maratopia because I was impressed by the knowledge of the team that visited our offices and the examples of work they’d carried out for other companies in our industry. The planning workshops at the start of the project raised interesting questions, generated great ideas, and proved to be a solid foundation to build on. We love the finished website and have been delighted with the increase in visitors and social interaction since it went live. Additionally, developing an ongoing business relationship is important to me and it’s reassuring that I can rely on Maratopia to take care of any future updates to our website.”

    Fiona Lazenby
    HotHouse Partnerships
    05 Sep 2017
  • James Ashton Avatar

    The guys at Maratopia were brilliant, incredibly helpful and explained everything along the way, clearly they've spent a lot of time becoming experts in web development and marketing! Great team and brilliant customer service! Thanks 🙂

    James Ashton 30 Jan 2019
  • Paul Howard Avatar

    I chose to work with Maratopia because I needed a new website. I was impressed by their website development work provided for a number of other companies. I have found Maratopia to be an ideal business partner. They are really good at listening, providing clarity, and only then provided solutions meeting my business objectives. They also adapted easily during the development as my business needs became more tightly defined. Furthermore, the work was completed without fuss, on time and to budget, which is a major consideration for any business. In addition, developing an ongoing business relationship is important to me. I can leave technology development and ongoing website management to Maratopia. This allows me to concentrate on writing new content, building my client base and generating revenue.

    Paul Howard
    Wine Alchemy
    29 Nov 2016
  • Alana Mazza Avatar

    We had our Website built and designed by Maratopia, I am so delighted with it. The team were professional, creative and completed our fabulous website ahead of schedule. They also had to work with a third party, which can be tricky, but absolutely no problem at all. All so smooth made my life so easy. They also helped me with the branding with research. Thank you to all the team. for making my website so lovely. Axx

    Alana Mazza
    Casale San Pietro
    06 Oct 2018
  • Dale Woods Avatar

    Very helpful and quick to understand my requirements for a new website

    Dale Woods 26 Apr 2019
  • Mark Simpson Avatar

    I have worked with Maratopia for several years. Throughout this time the service I have received has been excellent. Account managers are friendly and helpful and really care about the projects they do. The web development team are extremely capable and knowledgeable. They have consistently exceeded my expectations and are focused on delivering high quality results. A first class agency and a great team.

    Mark Simpson
    Extra Room Self Storage
    22 Oct 2018
  • Sarah Nicole Avatar

    Maratopia have designed and transformed my website. They used their creativity and experience to take my website to where i couldn't. I never had to compramise on my brand or expectations. Great friendly team which i look forward to working with in the future.

    Sarah Nicole
    Sarah Nicole
    15 Oct 2018

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