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Standout brand design that delights customers

Establishing a presence, connecting with customers on an empathic level and building a trusted brand aren’t easy in a digital landscape without much elbow room left.

But you can beat the competition and carve a creative and commercial space all of your own with authentic branding and design that’s perfectly aligned with your story, voice and culture – and chimes with unparalleled user experience.

Our specialist design team has the technical savvy and innate creative intelligence to help you stand out from the crowd and connect in a deep and meaningful way with your clientele at every touchpoint.

When design and branding are done the Maratopia way, the mere sight of your logo should automatically trigger awesome customer emotions – which makes everything else about doing business so much easier.

What is Brand Design?

Although a logo is the hallmark of your brand, branding covers so much more – it considerately blends elements like the graphic design, colour and typography on everything from your website to product packaging and merchandise.

Consequently, customers always know that they’re dealing with the same high-quality organisation wherever and whenever they encounter you.

Branding subtly yet powerfully infuses everything you do with cues relating to your distinct mission and values, and when customers buy into it, they become loyal advocates who help you write the next chapter of your story.

Branding is a billion-dollar business for some of the largest and most iconic companies, and their strategies and campaigns are brainstormed, designed and executed down to the finest details.

And if you’re just starting out, comparing yourself to multinationals might convince you to go down the DIY route with branding because your budget doesn’t compare.

However, like boiler repairs, branding is best left to a trusted professional tradesperson – and since we’ve worked with firms big and small from many diverse sectors over the years, we’re confident we can deliver a customised branding package that suits you down to the ground and grabs results.

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  • Dale Woods Avatar

    Very helpful and quick to understand my requirements for a new website

    Dale Woods 26 Apr 2019
  • James Ashton Avatar

    The guys at Maratopia were brilliant, incredibly helpful and explained everything along the way, clearly they've spent a lot of time becoming experts in web development and marketing! Great team and brilliant customer service! Thanks 🙂

    James Ashton 30 Jan 2019
  • Mark Simpson Avatar

    I have worked with Maratopia for several years. Throughout this time the service I have received has been excellent. Account managers are friendly and helpful and really care about the projects they do. The web development team are extremely capable and knowledgeable. They have consistently exceeded my expectations and are focused on delivering high quality results. A first class agency and a great team.

    Mark Simpson
    Extra Room Self Storage
    22 Oct 2018
  • Suzel Taber-Shaw Avatar

    We needed a brand new website, at short notice, and with a limited budget. However, we also wanted great functionality, plenty of room for development and the ability to easily update content ourselves. Maratopia came up with a solution for us which was just what we were looking for. Chrisi and Tom were absolute stars at guiding us through the process and delivering on time.

    Suzel Taber-Shaw 14 Oct 2020

Brand identity

When you consider brand identity as an investment in your company’s future, you’ll probably be convinced of its inherent value.

On-point branding will inform every interaction your brand has with clients and constantly reinforce your reason for being, allowing you to grow a customer base rapidly and build and scale your business as seamlessly as possible.

Apple is an excellent example of perfect branding. Elegant simplicity is the calling card for this tech giant – their choice of fonts flows through each of their product ranges and the same trademark aesthetics are apparent across all forms of advertising, including their website.

So even if the Apple logo isn’t visible, you can easily identify the brand. This is the target we can help you hit – brand identity with clear recognition.

We’ll help you position your brand pitch-perfectly

Branding is related to marketing, but works on a deeper level – it determines whether you’ll become a loyal, lifelong customer.

For instance, marketing will sell you a Toyota, whereas brand will make you exclusively buy Toyotas forevermore.

A good brand instils complete confidence in your products and services, backed by all the weight and influence of your company’s culture and creation – because it’s tied to powerful emotions like trust, honesty and integrity, it can eclipse simple marketing and turn customers into evangelists who gradually spread the good word on how great you are worldwide.

And it’s important to remember that you’ll already have some sort of brand – even if it hasn’t been consciously created, it’ll be synthesising itself from a combination of elements like your customer relationships and any basic visual imagery you currently use to promote yourself.

But it’s much better to create a brand by design than osmosis, because that way, you’re in control from the start. Get your positioning right, and you’re perfectly placed to succeed.

So if your current ad-hoc branding doesn’t truly reflect your business mission, differentiate yourself from the competition and promote your products and services as better than the rest because of factors like price points, quality, reliability or service delivery, it isn’t serving its purpose.

And perhaps even more importantly, good branding empowers your own staff because it’s effectively your culture writ large – a compass that helps them feel fulfilled in their roles and proud to perpetually deliver excellent experiences to customers.

Our brand design services include:

  • Customised and creative web design – unique and beautiful websites which deliver amazing user experiences. Your tailor-made web design package will incorporate workshops for wireframing and persona development, testing and prototyping and an inbuilt final product focus on driving leads/and or enabling eCommerce.
  • Brand development, strategy and deployment that includes a comprehensive brand audit, competitive analysis, visual identity and collateral design.

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