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When was the last time you looked at a website and said ‘wow’?

With everything from the design to the copy right down to the typography looking terrific?

Which made finding the information you need super-easy?

Where the whole experience easily convinced you that you’d soon be back?

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None of these essential website design & development factors happen by accident.

A good agency makes them happen. That’s exactly why companies of all stripes trust Maratopia to deliver websites that work hard for your business and delight your customers, while making it all look deceptively easy.

When you want a jaw-dropping web design in London, make it Maratopia.

With more businesses getting online than ever in the current environment, you need a website that’s bang-on with your brand identity, gets you found on search engines and convinces potential customers you’re the bee's knees as soon as they click through to your site.

So whether you’re a bespoke jeweller in Hatton Gardens, a dynamic designer in Deptford, a bijou boutique in Brixton or a high-end Harley Street practice, we’ve got decades of collective experience creating practical, profit-driving and beautiful websites that work wonders for your London company.

When your website looks and feels great to customers (and is primed for SEO so they find it in the first place), you’re ten steps ahead of the competition.

Used properly, your site is more than a slick shop window for you goods and services – it can be a powerful, profitable engine that drives your success online and means you’re at customers’ fingertips on their phones, PCs and tablets.

Because we’re a full-service website designer in London, we can also provide your site with quality content, fine tune your technical SEO and complement it with a smattering of PPC (paid) ads that boost your web presence further.

You’ll benefit from our considerable experience of building and designing websites on popular platforms like WordPress and Magento, and we can also create a bespoke site for you from scratch, combining the best components from established platforms with our own unique expertise to produce something truly special.

Whatever your budget and remit, we always aim to exceed your expectations and deliver a site that means business.

Maratopia – we’re the website design company in London you’ve been waiting for.

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Why you’ll love London web design from Maratopia

We get it – there are lots of web design & development agencies in London.

But there are several reasons that discerning businesses trust Maratopia to deliver websites that are a little bit different and a big bit delightful.

Here’s the lowdown on what you can expect from a tailor-made Maratopia website:


Brand-aligned websites

as well as being functional, stylish and easy to use, we’ll make sure that your website is aligned perfectly with your brand and provides consistency, comfort and familiarity in everything from your logo to company colourways and catchphrases. Further, if you want content and copywriting that’s a dream match for your brand, we’re happy to provide that too!

We know that you’ve put a lot of thought into every aspect of your branding and that it reflects your mission, values and attitude to customers and the wider world – therefore every element of your website design can provide brand fidelity.

But don’t forget that if you’re starting from scratch on your branding journey, we’re also happy to offer advice on everything from brand archetypes< to finding the right voice, tone and style, and develop a design DNA custom-coded for you and your target customers.


Dynamic Design

you’ll be glad to hear that we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all website designs. You’re unique, so every aspect of your website design should be too, from the background colours of websites to the way your site hierarchy and navigation is optimised, to the different fonts on headlined, subheadings, calls-to-action and body text.

We can advise on the right mix of photographic and graphic images, whether videos or infographics will make certain pages pop and the best way to format landing pages so that they drive customers towards valuable conversions like straightforward sales or signing up for an audit, consultation or newsletter.

Whether you’ve got a firm idea of the type of website design you’d like or are starting with a completely blank slate, our design and development experts will take plenty of time to listen to your requirements and make their own suggestions on how to make your vision a reality.

For better or worse, potential customers make a value judgement on your website in a split second and more attractive websites instantly inspire feelings of trust, authority, expertise and professionalism. With our skills focused on making sure magnetism is woven into every space on your site, you’ll hit the right note with customers every time.


SEO and Mobile Optimisation

In order for enough customers to actually find your stunning site, it’ll need to be SEO-optimised so that it pops up in front of their peepers when they search for similar businesses on Google and other search engines.

Design and UX (user experience) tie in with several search engine ranking factors, for instance on-site optimisation includes ensuring that your website hierarchy and navigation is logical, that you have appropriate meta-titles and meta-descriptions for each page, that your H1-H4 heading structure is logical, that images have alt tags and that your page and site speeds are optimised.

There’s also nothing worse than a site which looks great on a PC, but on mobile appears to have been designed in the dark, so it’s vital that your website is optimised for mobile customers who, incidentally, happen to be high intent when it comes to actually buying what you’re selling. Google also started mobile-first indexing a while ago too, so mobile optimisation satisfies these search giants too.

With this in mind, our design and development team work closely with our inhouse SEO experts to ensure that every nook and cranny of yours site is tweaked so that it’s as interesting and attractive to search engine spiders as it is to humans.

Broad range of web design services in London

You and your customers are special, therefore you need a website that hits the nail on the head for customer service and creativity, while simultaneously being commercially focused.

That’s why we’re the go-to website designer in London for any type of professional website, whether you want it set up for eCommerce so that customers can buy your products directly online or, if you’re a services-based firm or operate in a B2B nice, you prefer a brochure-type site that starts a dialogue with customers by effectively showcasing what you do and how you do it. Naturally, we can design a tailor-made site that combines the best elements of both these types of sites if that’s your preference – we’re born ready for any type of web design and development challenge.

Here’s the lowdown on a few of our web design services for London companies just like yours:


Brochure Websites

If you’re a B2B company or adhere to the inbound marketing philosophy of building a relationship with customers in order to spark interest, nurture leads, close sales and nurture a long term relationship as naturally as possible, a brochure website might be your best bet.

In a way, a brochure site does what it says on the tin – it’s a sleek, sophisticated and subtle showcase for your products and services that customers will love browsing through and return to again and again. It might include video, high-quality photography and other content, but every element from navigation tabs to CTAs will be persuasive, polished and professional.


Ecommerce Websites

eCommerce websites are a little like online catalogues where you can browse entire product and service ranges, select what you need, order and pay securely in a few clicks.

This means they’re ideal for many types of B2C businesses, but they can be designed cleverly so that they’re much more effective than being simple online lists and are collated cleverly into collections that appeal to specific types of customers. We can integrate popular payment platforms like PayPal, Sage Pay, WorldPay and Stripe into your eCommerce website, and we’ll optimise it for mobile as well as PC as standard, because so many customers prefer to buy using their phone.

When you want a website that’s the digital equivalent of a superbly designed shop which customers can wander through and pick up what they need whenever they want it, an eCommerce site is where it’s at.


Customised Websites

Want a website that’s as unique and striking in every design detail as a Charles Rennie Mackintosh house?

If you’re nodding your head, you should let our brainboxes loose on a tailor-made, customised website that’s built to your exact specifications – we can make it as visually distinct and creative as you like, include bespoke functions that help get your messaging across, make buying your offering more fun and interactive or showcase your services in unique ways.

Our development gurus are fluent in web languages like HTML5, Javascript, Ajax, Angular JS and PHP, and we can combine them in unique ways, like a Michelin-starred chef intuitively selecting delicious ingredients to create a one-off delish dish for a VIP customer.

Whatever your desires, we’ll always ensure that your finished design is UX focused, so that everything is geared towards delivering a customer experience that’s special but also accessible, practical and purpose-driven. When you want website design in London that’s original and authentic, Maratopia delivers.

Website Design and Development Case Studies

Like they say at the sticky toffee dessert tasting room, ‘the proof is in the pudding,’ so don’t take our word for how deliciously good our web design and development skills are – have a good long gander at our case studies instead. 

You’ll see that we’ve applied our razor sharp skills on awesome aesthetically pleasing and profit-driving websites for everyone from international distance learning providers to leading rice and risotto brands and smart solicitors to niche travel companies. 

So whatever business you’re in and whatever your size of operation, our design savvy can really propel your future plans.

  • St. Moriz Tanning - Site Build
    Case study
    St. Moriz
  • iMac - Riso Gallo Shopify
    Case study
    Riso Gallo

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still scratching your head with a few perplexing web design and development questions?

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