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23 January 2018


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The Maratopia Headlines – 23rd January 2018

Maratopia Digital Marketing Ltd

It’s time for another dose of The Maratopia Headlines – our weekly round-up of the most exciting and engaging news in digital media.

Check out our highlights for 23/01/18…

The Google Speed Update: page speed will become a ranking factor in mobile search

(Via Search Engine Land)

“Google today announced a new ranking algorithm designed for mobile search. The company is calling it the “Speed Update,” and it will only impact a small percentage of queries, Google reiterated to us. Only pages that “deliver the slowest experience to users” will be impacted by this update, the company says…”

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Lush on its journey to provide ‘the ultimate customer experience’

(Via Marketing Week)

“The project came about because Lush wanted more control over its technology – both in terms of what it offered and how it could cater to its needs. For example, Lush found that with the major till providers it was paying for services such as marketing tools that would implement discount rates, but this isn’t something the brand needs as it doesn’t discount outside one short sales period…”

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Combining SEO and CRO to drive engagement: #SEMrushchat

em>(Via SEMrush)

“Search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) each focus on two very different aspects of marketing. SEO focuses on driving traffic to your site, while CRO focuses on increasing conversions like lead generation, event registration, and sales. The two are very different focuses, but they are most effective when their efforts are combined…”

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Facebook newsfeed changes: Mark Zuckerberg announces site will ask users to rank trust in media using surveys

(Via the Independent)

“It’s the second major tweak to Facebook’s algorithm announced this month. The social media giant, a major source of news for users, has struggled to deal with an uproar over fake news and Russian-linked posts, meant to influence the 2016 US elections, on its platform…”

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