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17 January 2018


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The Maratopia Headlines – 17th January 2018

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Welcome to the Maratopia Headlines – our weekly round-up of the most exciting and engaging news in digital media.

Check out our highlights for 17/01/18…

Facebook’s algorithm change is an apocalyptic move for brands, publishers, users, and Facebook itself

(Via Contently)

“Whenever Facebook tweaks its algorithm and decreases the reach of news stories, publishers usually treat it like a lover’s quarrel. But according to a Digiday report, Facebook has been sending each publisher the “We need to talk” text, warning them of the most apocalyptic algorithm change yet…”

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Survey: 66% of consumers want brands to take social and political positions

(Via Marketing Land)

“This is the essence of the challenge: how to navigate an increasingly tribal environment and appeal to the broadest possible audience. All of that is made more complicated by the finding, in a new report from Sprout Social, that 66 percent of consumers “want brands to take public stands on social and political issues…”

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How brands’ use of online celebrity influencers is maturing

(Via The Drum)

“According to research by blog discovery website Bloglovin’ 32% of marketers saw influencer campaigns as being essential to their strategies, with 41% admitting to seeing more success from their influencer campaigns over their traditional advertising…”

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Google is sunsetting AdWords Review extensions

(Via Search Engine Land)

“It’s not all that surprising to see third-party Review extensions go by the wayside. They launched in 2013, but were never easy to get approved and as such, not widely implemented. The idea had been for businesses to be able to feature editorial quotes about their services in their ads, but that never really panned out. Even using the Better Business Bureau as a source became less of a guarantee of approval lately…”

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