1 November 2017


3 mins read

The Maratopia Advice Corner: Part One

Maratopia Digital Marketing Ltd

Welcome to the Maratopia Advice Corner – where all your burning search marketing questions are answered!

Below are a few choice pieces of advice from us, taken from our social media feeds. Take a look and see how you can apply them to your business.

Hannah-Firbank-Senior-Account-ManagerHannah Firbank, Senior Account Manager

“Firstly, to everyone who’s running a social media campaign, of any sort – Good job. We all have to do it even if it creates nothing more than brand awareness – it’s needed.

“Secondly, it’s worth knowing that only 10% of your followers will see your Facebook post on their news feed.

“To target efficiently and ensure your post is seen by the people you want to see it, you’d need to set up some paid Facebook Ads. Obviously you don’t want to spend a fortune, but you do want to see a strong ROI.

“Spend less, target more accurately. We can help.”

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John-Paul Drake, Director of Search

“While it may be tempting to see the latest digital marketing craze as the solution to all your problems, the reality is very different.

“The newest fads might not even be the right fit for your brand or your customers – and that’s what really matters.

“Whether it’s a new social media channel, video streaming service or a chatbot for your homepage, your approach should always be to see if and how these trends in digital marketing could complement your existing strategy.

“So before you pay for the newest overhyped fad, take time to consider if this experience will improve how customers and potential customers interact with you online.”

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Jonathon Symons, Senior Search Strategist

“The rise of machines within PPC has continued unabated this year. Whilst this has produced some interesting opportunities, there’s also been a rise in programs claiming to fully automate every aspect of your PPC campaigns.

“But can they really achieve more effective results than a human?

“The biggest stumbling point I see is that AI can’t determine the intent of search queries in relation to the customer journey you want a user to make. Even the most sophisticated of PPC programs can’t take the broad unpredictability of human input into account.

“The future of PPC has not yet been written. But we can guarantee you that machines won’t be the only solution.”

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Kevin Fullerton, Senior Content Developer

“Poor planning is disastrous for companies – especially where content is concerned.

“We recommend planning blog and social media topics between six and 12 months in advance, creating a Content Calendar to track your work.

“Make sure to write about events happening in your industry throughout the year, and that your schedule is flexible enough to let you cover any breaking news that catches your eye.

“In doing this, you’ll create evergreen content which remains timely – and you’ll never be at a loss for words.”

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Robbie Handy, Content Writer

“It might not be as bustling as Facebook or Twitter, but Google+ is still vital for your business.

“Registering for a free Google+ profile takes five minutes and puts your company on Google’s radar for free, boosting your ranking on SERP pages and adding another social site to your portfolio.

“We don’t know how Google+ will develop in the future, but at the moment it’s worthwhile for the hidden yet powerful results it generates.”

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Have you got any questions?

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