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16 April 2019


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Smash targets with our straightforward digital marketing guide

Smash targets with our straightforward digital marketing guide

With so many people dispensing digital advice, sometimes you can’t tell your algorithms from your elbow.

But Maratopia’s new digital marketing guide solves that problem – by clearly and simply explaining the terms, tactics and strategies that boost your business.

What’s inside?

You’ll learn how the following data- and results-driven digital marketing services connect with customers and stimulate sales:

  • SEO – optimising your website structure and content output to climb Google rankings.
  • PPC – paid adverts that complement your SEO tactics so that even more people meet you online.
  • Content – wonderful words and images which attract, engage and persuade customers.
  • Web Development and Design – beautiful-looking websites which have in-built SEO, are a pleasure for customers to use and are optimised for mobile phones.
  • Consultancy services – hiring us to help you secure better results for a bespoke combination of the above elements, or a single strand.

If this still sounds like gibberish, give our guide a whirl – it’ll make your digital marketing strategy clearer than a new-born baby’s mind, a mountain stream or, at the very least, the government’s Brexit plans.

But that’s not all.

As well as demystifying services, it includes a Digital Toolbox which explains the way we work with you to define your goals, identify and connect with your target customers and differentiate your offering in a crowded online marketplace.

Wherever your business is at, our digital marketing guide steers you straight to success.

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