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Google AdWords and Facebook Ad Campaigns


Like most dentists, Robinson Dental Practice wanted to win more new dental implant clients.

Dental Implants are a highly profitable treatment, so it’s great for any practice to promote their service.

Also, as a restorative solution, implants are becoming better-known and an increasingly popular treatment– so now is the time to promote this restorative solution and generate more revenue for your practice.


Winning more new clients for services like dental implants, whitening and other cosmetic and restorative treatments isn’t easy because the competition is fierce.

But with our help, Robinson Dental secured 46 new dental implant leads in just one month and a lot more over the course of their campaign.

What’s the best way to win dental implant leads?

For any treatment of this nature, education is key, and that’s why you need to provide the consumer with quality information about dental implants.

The more people understand about dental implants, the more likely they are to come on board with this solution and spend money with you.

“Educated people buy”

That’s why our ‘hook’ for this campaign was a free guide to dental implants, and a free consultation to discuss the treatment in more detail.

How did we promote the guide and free consultation?

We created a Facebook Ad and a Google Ad campaign for the client that drove quality traffic to a lead page on their website.

Both Ads were set-up as ‘traffic ads’ and were optimised for the client’s demographic and location.

If you’d like to learn more about Facebook Ads and Google Ads, please head on over to our contact page to find out more.

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“You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

This is what often happens with marketing, especially if you ask for for someone’s contact details.

That’s why we made the lead page for Robinson Dental extra special.

It included engaging and persuasive text, encouraging people to click on the blue box to complete their details, a nice photograph of the practice owner, and an explainer video on what type of things the guide would offer, all designed using a clean and modern template.

The lead page looked great and encouraged those people who landed on it to learn more and request their guide by filling in their details.

The following results are based on the first three months of the client’s campaign time (January, February, March 2017)

What happened once someone filled out the web form?

The prospect was emailed their guide to dental implants and a voucher entitling them to a free dental implants consultation, if booked within a certain time period. This ‘time pressure’ helped to convert the client into an appointment. It’s called a time influence.

The practice was also emailed a notification, asking them to call the prospect and book an appointment for their free consultation.

We even provided the practice with a script for their receptionists to use, which helped them to convert leads into an appointment.

What happens next really helps the prospect to convert into an appointment…

The prospect then received a further 6 emails within a short time scale, inviting them to learn more about dental implants.

The emails included subject lines, such as:

10 reasons why to choose dental implants to replace missing teeth.

6 more frequently asked questions about dental implants

10 reasons to choose dental implants to replace lost teeth

Hi ~Contact.FirstName~

In the past 25 years nothing has changed the face of dentistry in quite the way dental implants have.

They’ve been in regular use for some time now, and the technology has been constantly refined. There are now more implant options open for dentists than ever before. That’s all good news for you, the patient.

If you have one or more teeth missing and are currently struggling to get to grips with either a gap or a false tooth in the shape of a denture, here are just ten of the many reasons why dental implants are fast becoming the number one replacement for missing teeth.

Click here to see what the 10 reasons are

If you have any questions at all that my team or I can help with, please hit reply to this email.


Robinson Dental Practice


The follow up emails are a fundamental part of the education process

Everyone understands the reason why companies email you so often – it’s to keep them at the forefront of the customer’s mind. It’s called association marketing…

The emails we created not only reminded the prospect about the free consultation that was on offer (which encouraged them to book it) but it also provided more, relevant information that the prospect would be interested in.

This isn’t ‘harassment marketing’ so don’t worry, you are simply providing the prospect with relevant information about the service they are interested in.

Also, as already stated, the more educated someone is about a particular product or service, the more likely they are to go on and buy – so it makes your life a lot easier. If you’re the one trying to sell implants during the consultation, you could even use the articles on the website as points of reference during your pitch!

Another reason why the follow up emails were so successful is that you become a source of authority. You have been the one educating the prospect about the service, so over time, you build rapport and trust with the prospect without even speaking to them.

The Results…

The entire campaign was a great success, generating

  • 478 leads over a 6-month period
  • With the max month being January 2017 where the campaign generated 47 leads.

We also replicated this campaign for the client with other services like teeth whitening and orthodontics and it generated similar results.

Would you like to generate leads like this for your practice?

If you would like to learn more about how to generate leads or if you would like to replicate this particular campaign for your practice, please request a call back and our Growth Strategy Director will be in touch.

He will discuss your requirements and will develop a payment plan based on your financial needs and capabilities.