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The Challenge

Maratopia has partnered with Ragdale Hall for many years, helping with website development, content writing and search engine marketing.

In 2016, we completed a Usability Audit covering the entire Ragdale Hall website.
The audit was conducted using heatmapping and user recording data gathered from real Ragdale Hall website visitors, as well as statistics from Google Analytics.

The audit highlighted a number of areas that could be streamlined to improve the experience for Ragdale Hall’s extremely loyal customer base and future visitors.

Ragdale Hall Shop
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Our Solution

The first phase of improvements worked on the online shop, which launched in December 2016. The shop was moved onto the Magento 2 platform, combining a great customer shopping experience with powerful tools for managing products and processing orders.

Every page of the website was planned, prototyped and tested to make the process simpler for customers.

The Ragdale Hall website is home to a huge variety of products, from gift vouchers to beauty products, and the website allows customisation of attributes to accommodate all of these.

The checkout process was reduced from five stages to just two and any potential sale barriers minimised.



Conversion Rate



Conversion Rate



Increase in Conversion Rate


The customer journey for finding and buying a product has been streamlined to the point that conversion rates increased from 6.0% (the month before launch) to 11.0% (the month after launch). Website sales since the launch of the new site have been significantly higher than the previous year.

We’re looking forward to working with Ragdale Hall in 2017 to replace the other parts of its website.