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The Challenge

Loch Ness by Jacobite is one of the leading cruise companies in the Loch Ness area, providing clients with informative, entertaining and relaxing journeys through a fascinating area in the Scottish Highlands. It’s become renowned for the variety of cruises it can offer curious tourists, and made big business promoting the legend of the infamous Loch Ness Monster.

But while Jacobite attracted swathes of tourists from the shores of Loch Ness onto its boats, it needed a new website and digital marketing strategy to promote its brand change from Jacobite Cruises to Loch Ness by Jacobite.

Our Solution

Supplying Jacobite with an entirely new brand identity online required multiple strategies and approaches, utilising the unique talents of everyone on our team. Web developers, designers, copywriters and SEO experts were involved in ensuring that we delivered an expert overarching brand strategy for our client.

The marketing aspect of our strategy included:


  • Integrating new branding within website build
  • Creating, editing and optimising all onsite content to boost visibility
  • Optimising internal linking structure


  • Local listing optimisation
  • Earned coverage and outreach placement on relevant influencer sites
  • Social media recommendation strategy
  • YouTube video optimisation

When designing and developing the brand new Jacobite site, every effort was made to ensure it was perfect for tourists planning their trip from any device. The site was therefore made functional across all devices, responsive for a tourist plotting their trip from their desktop or a holiday-goer checking out the Loch Ness area on their mobile.

The site was also designed to balance the visual beauty of the Scottish Highlands with the written content necessary to inform customers of our client’s various services.


The site was delivered on time and met our client’s specifications

SEO-enhanced promotion was rolled out to boost the new site’s visibility


Year-on-Year Increase in Profits

During our time working with them

Site Coverage Increase

Site Coverage increased from 384 landing pages to 1036.

Mobile Phone User Revenue

Increased from £43,000 to £84,000

Organic sessions rose during our time working on the site, from 83,819 visits to 87,847