Case Study

Design, Copywriting & Web Development

The Challenge

CR Smith has been a Scottish institution when it comes to windows and conservatories for over 35 years. Known for the high-quality of its builds, it’s often the first choice for swathes of consumers on the hunt for the finest that glazing has to offer.

But while its website lies at the core of its business strategy, providing CR Homes product catalogues remains a vital method of customer engagement. What’s more, its door-to-door canvassers were struggling to track responses from follow-up customers.

What CR Smith needed was an app which could link the digital side of their marketing with the boots-on-the-ground canvassers who consult with their customers. And we were in the best position to help.

CR Smith - Website and App
Responsive Web-based app design

Our Solution

We combined the extensive talents of our design, copywriting and web development teams to create a responsive web-based app for CR Smith which could track all their potential customers across Scotland, as well as retaining pertinent information on all existing customers and contacts.

The app itself was designed to be intuitive, for use by canvassers with even a remedial knowledge of technology. Therefore, every effort was made to ensure it contained a graphical user interface (GUI) which was streamlined and simple.

Targeting for the CR Homes catalogue delivery is primarily done through a map, where postcodes can be filtered to show areas where CR Homes is still to be delivered and what previous custom CR Smith has had.

Once catalogues have been delivered, canvassers can be directed to the target areas and use the web app to follow-up and update contact details on the doorstep for each address.

To provide simple functionality with a recognisable interface, the app was integrated with Google Maps, while also ensuring that it could be accessed from almost any digital device, from an office desktop computer to a mobile tablet.

The app also gracefully handles the lack of internet connectivity by locally storing changes until an internet connection is available.


The web-based app was delivered on time and on budget, accompanied by trials and training for CR Smith staff

At time of writing, the app’s database contains information on almost a quarter of a million postcodes

The app has provided our client with the much-needed ability to identify and track the status of potential customers