Alexander Opticians

Google AdWords Campaign


  • Drive quality traffic to the website to increase conversion rates and client enquiries.


Alex Marcuo, owner of Alexander Opticians, has worked with us for several years. We started working together by building a new website for the practice, and have since worked together on numerous services including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Our current focus, however, is on driving quality traffic to the website by creating an effective and efficient AdWords campaign.

In the past, Alex had managed his own AdWords campaign. However, after reviewing it with us, we highlighted many areas that could be improved, both to make his campaign more successful but also more affordable – we wanted to reduce his click spend.

The results we wanted to achieve during the campaign were:

  • Increase CTR (click through rate)
  • Reduce Average CPC (cost per click)
  • Improve Average Position (where the ad itself ranks on the results page amongst other ads. The higher the position, the more clicks the ad generally receives)
  • Increase calls to the practice directly from the ads
  • Increase location request/driving directions directly from the ads

The begin with, Alex’s campaign had to be completely rebuilt. Many aspects of the campaign hadn’t been set-up properly initially, so the digital team ensured that all ad groups were correct, by focussing on specific areas of the product and service that the practice was able to offer.

We then targeted keywords within each ad group, all tied together with great content created by our specialist content team.

Once the campaign had been built, we created goals and other tracking metrics to ensure we could benchmark the performance of the campaign and, more importantly, ROI.

During the campaign, we also implemented ad extensions, which allowed users to interact with the ad in different and sometimes better ways.

This included:

  • The ability to call the practice directly from the ad
  • Get location details
  • Ask for driving directions
  • Showcase a snippet of the sitemap so users can click into specific pages

Utilising the above features of AdWords enabled the campaign to be even more effective.

The campaign included daily checks, monthly optimisation and also monthly reporting by the dedicated PPC Manager to ensure the campaign was running smoothly.

Alexander Opticians is still running its AdWords campaign with Maratopia to this day.


The following results are based on the first three months of the client’s campaign time (January, February, March 2017)

CTR: 2.54%

Sitelink extensions:

  • Frames = 220
  • Eye Test = 207
  • Contact Lenses = 205
  • Colour Overlay = 202
  • Low Vision = 119
  • Lenses =194
Call Clicks
Location Clicks