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Expert analysis that’s the foundation of fine-tuning your SEO performance

Free Technical SEO Audit

Includes onsite technical audit, competitor review and competitor backlink audit.


Fine-tune your SEO performance

While our general SEO services will get your brand into the premier league, you need a technical SEO Audit to win the title.

Your website will fuel your online presence and performance, so an audit is the first firm step towards identifying and remedying structural and content problems which are hindering its performance.

To formulate the best way forward, you need to know the exact state of play with your site’s current SEO, so a Technical SEO Site Audit is the very dab.

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Do I really need a Technical SEO Site Audit?

Yes – indeed you do. A comprehensive audit will scour every nook and cranny of your site to identify the techy glitches that stop you grabbing great Google rankings and that turn off visitors too, thus enabling a clean bill of health that’s a double-whammy for your business.

Competition for those vital Top 5 SERP spots is hotter than ever now, so your audit will identify exactly why your website traffic or conversions have dropped and transform problems to opportunities that propel you back up the rankings and drive sales. If that doesn’t sound delightful, we don’t know what does!

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What’s included in my Technical SEO Site Audit?

We’ll throw everything but the kitchen sink into your audit, grabbing every granular detail necessary to get your site firing on all SEO cylinders.

The special ingredient is our Technical SEO Manager Marcelo – with eons of experience in the industry, he’s like a digital marketing Yoda, only without the cassock and green skin.

He’ll make sure the following elements are considered in your awesome audit:

  • Test to see if you’ve been hit by a Google update
  • Number and quality of backlinks
  • Tests for potentially toxic links and sitewide links
  • Keyword/phrase presence and relevance
  • Structural and architectural issues
  • Authenticity, originality and quality of content
  • Internal link structure
  • Quality and relevance of title tags and descriptions
  • Duplication/canonicalisation of pages
    -issues that hamper SERP performance/UX
  • Page geo-location
    – ensuring localised pages target regions effectively
  • Server errors, broken links and crawl errors that send Google spiders down dead ends and damage rankings
  • Page speed
  • Redirect chains
  • Appropriate use of H1 and H2 headings to format pages
  • Sitemap issues

The above list isn’t exhaustive, but it should convince you that we’ll leave no SEO stone unturned in order to take your website to the top.

What’s more, we can also perform multilingual SEO audits for various languages and international markets – so wherever you’ve got a business footprint, we’ll ensure absolutely nothing is lost in translation.


At the end of the audit process, we’ll produce a comprehensive report which spells out our technical recommendations in straightforward terms, and arrange a call or meeting to chat about our findings and agree an attack plan to get your site back on track.

Then, with the blueprint in place to bolster your SEO performance, you’re ready for unparalleled results.

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