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If customers can’t picture what’s brilliant about your brand and waxing lyrical on your offering leaves you a little lost for words, creative content marketing is your new best friend.

The most effective content subtly drives sales by providing customers with information that makes their lives easier – whether it’s an inspirational blog, interesting infographic or instructive video.

Our dedicated team boasts deep digital marketing experience developing content marketing strategies that connect brands in diverse sectors with their target audiences on all types of platforms.

So whether you need written website copy that pops off the page while satisfying SEO requirements or a suite of white papers that perfectly promote your products and services, we’ve got what it takes to convince customers at each stage of their buyer journey – from passing curiosity to peaking interest and purchasing intent.

Working closely with our analytics experts, our creatives also craft content that appeals to your target customer personas and talks to them in the appropriate voice, tone and style, at the right times and in the relevant places.

Once you’ve achieved this type of trusting, social and respectful relationship with customers, you’ve closed the gap between brand and consumer, fostering the long-term loyalty that leads to a robust reputation and sustained success.

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  • Martin Mansell, Managing Director Avatar

    We have worked with Maratopia to build upon our existing national & international SEO strategies and have been impressed with the professional manner in which they approach their work and importantly, the results we have achieved together.

    Martin Mansell, Managing Director
    28 Nov 2018
    Brice Agamemnon Avatar

    We insturcted Maratopia to do an SEO audit of our websites.They provided a very thorough report and were really impressed with the quality of the work.There were clear identifications of the pain points and the actions required to solve this problem.We had a few chats with them during the process and they helped us understanding more about SEO.After the initial work with them,we are still in talks to continue our collaboration.

    Brice Agamemnon
    07 Oct 2021
  • Mohammed Arbaaz Avatar

    Steve from Attercopia was very helpful as he took time out of his day, in order to participate in some research, that I was doing for a University dissertation. He possesses impressive digital marketing knowledge, especially on SEO and web development. I would highly recommend the company for any businesses looking for marketing assistance.

    Mohammed Arbaaz 14 Oct 2019
    Lisa Clay Avatar

    Having worked alongside the agency for a number of years, I only have positive things to say. In particular, Amber (who I have dealt with on a monthly basis) has proven to be a great help in assisting me with in-depth data regarding our website ranking, SEO overview and much more. Would highly recommend.

    Lisa Clay
    Ark Veterinary Surgery
    14 Jun 2021


Written text accounts for the majority of content online, so it’s the foundation of digital content marketing, without which you’re snookered.

But text is just the black and white basics.

Our in-house content writers are wordsmiths with years of collective academic and professional experience under their belts, so they can help you develop a distinctive brand voice, follow a predetermined stylesheet and, when appropriate, magnetise customers with machine gun metaphors and allure them with awesome alliteration.

With branded copy that’s instantly-recognisable, your case studies, long-form articles, social media captions and service guides will be entertaining as well as educational and persuasive – all of which keeps customers coming back for more.

Digital Design

We’ll work hard to ensure that you’re able to serve your audience with the right mix of custom-designed graphics, images and infographics they appreciate in order to solve problems, satisfy search intent and foster firm connections with your brand.

Whatever floats your customers’ boats, our in-house digital design team will create vibrant visual assets that grab their attention like a lightning strike at midnight.

Content Distribution

Once your cracking content is complete, the next step is serving it to customers efficiently – and focusing your efforts on traffic channels is your best bet for securing the highest quality traffic.

We’ll help you to do this by analysing the behaviours of your current and prospective customers and plotting distribution channels accordingly.

When content is data-driven, it has a much better chance of hitting the marketing bullseye and being delivered to the right people at the right time.

When planning precise online content distribution, we use the following channels:


Search delivers 50-60% of a website’s total traffic, making it a critical content distribution channel for any business.

Users who find companies via search engines like Google and Bing have increased engagement, so it’s natural that search should be the backbone of many campaigns.

However, when you want to drive quality search traffic almost instantly to brand new pages, a paid search – PPC campaign can complement your SEO strategy or act as an alternative.


Despite common misperceptions, email marketing isn’t all about unnecessary spam, pre-purchased mailing lists and scraped data.

A carefully curated mailing list containing customers and interested parties sourced in compliance with data protection rules can be one of your most direct and dynamic routes to keeping people engaged with your brand, products or services – until they’re ready to reconvert and become paying clients.


Social media marketing is an effective way of keeping in touch with your audience and increasing your brand’s authority, but to get the best ROI, you’ll need to focus your efforts on choosing the networks where your target customers meet and providing them with content that’s adapted for that platform and observes the appropriate conversational conventions.

In other words, if you’re using Shakespearean sonnets to sell active-waist slacks to OAPs on Snapchat, you’ve set yourself a tough task. However, if you’re crushing it with useful B2B content marketing on LinkedIn, you’ll grab a great ROI.

We’ll help you identify the right platform and create the type of content that ensures you make people aware of your brand and build your own social community as smoothly and naturally as possible.


PPC (paid display) campaigns are a fast and reliable way of presenting your content to interested parties as they browse websites or apps. Targeting can be based either on lists built from your website visitors or on the topics/themes of specific web pages – but either way, we make sure it hits the nail on the head and provides great value for money.

Content Marketing from Maratopia Includes:

  • Audience analysis and profiling
  • Pitch-perfect copy from talented in-house writers
  • Auditing, optimising and revitalising existing content
  • Paid Campaign (PPC) build & management
  • Digital design that’s brand-aligned
  • Content Marketing strategy creation
  • Data analysis and reporting

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