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7 March 2018


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Maratopia Headlines – 7th March 2018

Maratopia Digital Marketing Ltd

Let’s have another gander at the Maratopia Headlines – our regular round-up of the best stories in digital media.

Take a look at our highlights for 07/03/18…

Is Facebook winning the battle against ad fraud?

(Via Ad Week)

‘Ad fraud is often described as a cat-and-mouse game, with networks’ best efforts at detection a few short steps behind bad actors’ best efforts at defrauding customers and advertisers without getting caught. (And those mice are eating a lot of cheese. Last year, the ad verification company Adloox predicted ad fraud could cost advertisers $16.4 billion in 2017—or about 20.5 percent of total global digital ad spend.)…’

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Are you ready for the attribution changes coming to Google AdWords?

(Via Search Engine Land)

‘There is an old saying: the only constant in life is change! Word on the street and from Google is they’ll stop supporting last click attribution sometime this year. This means advertisers will have to opt into one of several other attribution models available in Google. In this article, I’ll provide some general commentary on attribution as well as an overview of the different models available in Google AdWords…’

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Asos on why digital must be a balance between mass reach and targeting

(Via Marketing Week)

‘With 51% of its sales now coming through a mobile device and an ecommerce platform built around the likes of Instagram, Asos knows a thing or two about being a digital first brand. And according to Celina Burnett, head of marketing analytics, the key to success in social and digital channels is about achieving a balance between mass reach and targeting. In an interview with Marketing Week, Burnett claimed marketers often fail as they get too preoccupied choosing one over the other…’

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Anchor text guide for 2018

(Via Gotch SEO)

‘This guide will show you how to use anchor text so that you can maximize your SEO results…’

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