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11 September 2018


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Magnificent 7 – Maratopia’s mid-year digisphere highlights

Magnificent 7 – Maratopia’s mid-year digisphere highlights

From celeb tweets bombing stocks by billions to goal-grabbing World Cup guerrilla marketing, 2018 so far has sizzled with hot digital topics.

Here’s a scorching septet of highlights for your delectation.

1. Surging web population

With New Year bells still clanging in our hungover heads, global digi gurus Hootsuite and We Are Social reported that over half the world’s population were now online — that’s a bulging 4.021 billion.

Africa saw the greatest growth rates — check out this piece on internet use in the cradle of humankind.

2. Kylie’s snapchat tweet tornado

Some industry insiders are cynical about the power of celeb influencers — but Kylie Jenner’s torn-faced tweet about Snapchat’s redesign in February caused stock value to tumble by $1.3 billion.

Find more about the high finance frenzy at her fingertips here.

3. Facebook fraud squad

As the Beast from the East blasted its last, Facebook cranked up its crackdown on shady businesses seducing customers with spammy engagement bait.

Here’s our take on awesomely aligning your promo posts with FB algorithms.

4. Google Analytics and GDPR

In April, the nation greedily gobbled Easter eggs as businesses geared up for the launch of digital-driven GDPR legislation the following month.

Maratopia was ahead of the curve with this great guidance on new Google Analytics data retention controls.

5. Cambridge Analytica crisis

Right after May day, controversial data firm Cambridge Analytica (CA) shut its doors, scuttled itself and sank into internet history.

Unravel the tangled web woven by the world’s most famous election tweakers here.

6. Wonderful Webbys

As CA disappeared in the digital depths, the Webby Awards 2018 rose like a phoenix from the flames to remind us of everything that’s outstandingly inspirational and positive online.

Our Webbys review highlights the dynamic ways digital supports charities, fuels creativity and amplifies online activism.

7. World Cup 2018 — marketing’s midfield generals

Football didn’t quite come home for England at this year’s World Cup — but it wasn’t far off, and VAR controversies plus giant-killing games equalled visceral thrills nonetheless.

Several global brands marketed outside the box to capture footy fans’ attentions — here’s The Drum’s guide to World Cup 2018’s guerrilla marketing hits and misses.

That’s the final whistle for our mid-year digisphere highlights — but keep an eagle eye on our blog for more breaking news.