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13 September 2019


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Local Manufacturing Growth Programme

Maratopia Digital Marketing Ltd

Making waves as a manufacturing SME isn’t always smooth sailing.

You need to differentiate yourself from the competition while committing to your true north, consolidate current success by satisfying loyal customers and find the time and budget to scale up by marketing to new clients.

That’s why partnering with the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) and Maratopia can help you chart a clear course to maximising your potential and achieving your ambitions.

What’s the MGP?

The MGP initiative is administered by local government agencies and is dedicated to driving growth in local economies by pinpointing and removing the barriers stopping manufacturing SMEs from growing as they should.

Free MGP funding and partnership packages will:

  • Connect you with a supportive manufacturing growth manager and provide diagnostic tools digs into the granular details of your current operation to identify blockage points and formulate advice, coaching and action points.
  • Provide access to the industry experts who help put your action points into practice.
  • Advise on securing grants of £1000-£3343 per specific growth project.

MGP Growth Managers provide support to businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber and beyond – so whether you’re an existing or new Maratopia customer, it’s an excellent opportunity.

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How can Maratopia assist with my growth project?

First and foremost, since we know admin is a time-consuming pain in the posterior, we’ll do all the application work for you – all we need are a few key business details.

And moving forward, although you can use MGP support for a range of growth interventions, we’re best placed to help you with really ramping up your on and offline marketing and sales performance.

In general terms, this can include developing and delivering tailor-made strategies, digital marketing and ecommerce, market research and analysis, brand management and marketing communications.

But to break it down further, we can help you with:

  • Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) support that elevates your online presence on search engines like Google through organic and paid methods.
  • Website design and development for stunning sites that provide amazing user experiences and propel your SEO performance.
  • Web hosting and support that means you’re always open for business online and your resources and reputation are protected.
  • Developing a distinctive brand or fine-tuning your approach with a customer-focused rebrand.
  • Professional content like well-written blogs and guides, ingenious infographics and vibrant videos that engage target customers across several channels.

Sounds great, what’s the next step?

All we need to get the ball rolling is some basic information about your business – contact us today and we’ll get started before you can say ‘free business growth support sounds mind-blowingly brilliant’.

At Maratopia, we know that local manufacturers keep our economy moving – so we’re happy to highlight opportunities to increase your customer base and boost your business.

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