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6 March 2020


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#FridayFiver ? – This Week’s Most Eye-Popping Internet News

#FridayFiver ? – This Week’s Most Eye-Popping Internet News

Now we’re in March, do you have a spring in your steps or do you feel like you’re caught in cobwebs? 

If you’re not singing zip-a-dee-doo-dah quite yet, #FridayFiver is the brilliant blast of minty-fresh air you’ve been yearning for – let’s dive into this week’s super stories!

❓ Don’t Overdo FAQ!

Including FAQ structured data in your website can answer pertinent customer questions and boost your SERP rankings. But Google has warned that using it repetitively could scupper your SEO. Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern has been sniffing out the truth like a beagle at a suspicious suitcase. 

Grab Matt’s FAQ facts here

🏆 #1 (But Not As You Know It)

Back in the day, a Google #1 ranking meant your page popped up at the top of SERP pages and planted itself right in front of customers’ peepers. But with SERP real estate dominated by paid ads and rich snippets, that’s no longer the case. Dr Peter J. Meyers from Moz has been investigating.

Read the latest from Dr Meyers

📖 Once Upon A Time With LinkedIn

Next to Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, business-based LinkedIn used to be the boring spoilsport parent of social media. But by introducing its own Stories feature, is it reframing itself as the chilled-out colleague at the watercooler? Social Media Today’s Andrew Hutchison has the lowdown

Get happy ever after with Andrew

🎬 Is TikTok Destined For The Top?

In terms of popularity, youth platform TikTok has exploded in the past year. But is its success a flash in the pan or does it have the stamina to consolidate its gains and grow even further? eMarketer head honcho Monica Peart has sat down with analysts Jasmine Enberg and Blake Droesch to discuss.

Listen to Monica’s TikTok chit chat

📈 Crack Conversions With A Content Upgrade

Content creation is time-consuming and even those efforts you put your heart and soul into don’t always garner the desired results. But upgrading your content to include helpful, high-impact resources can crank up the conversion rate – as Chris Collins has been explaining over at the Content Marketing Institute.

Capitalise on Content With Chris

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