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1 October 2021


3 mins read

#FridayFiver – Return of the Fiver

Maratopia Digital Marketing Ltd

Good morning, Maratopians! 

Have you missed us? We’ve certainly missed you! 

Can you believe that it’s already October? It’s beginning to look a lot like… Autumn, and we’re ready for the weekend.

We’re busy as ever here at Maratopia Towers, which is why we’ve been a little quiet with your weekly updates. But don’t panic – we aren’t going anywhere! We’re simply shifting our weekly instalments to a monthly blog designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest in the 

digital marketing world. (Although, if you see any particularly captivating cat stories, send them our way!) 

So, without further ado, here is our Friday Fiver 2.0!

💥 Digital Ad Boom

There’s more money in digital advertising than you might have imagined. In the US alone digital ad spending is projected to exceed $200 billion in 2022. Since 2018 there has understandably been a move from desktop dominating the digital ad spending, to mobile. In fact, the percentage of mobile spending which sits currently at 54%, is expected to grow to 64% by 2024! With the pandemic forcing companies to invest in their digital storefronts, it’s no surprise that in 2021, retail was the biggest digital ad spender – closely followed by healthcare, and then finance.

Read more here.

🏢 Attack of the Giant Sticky Notes

Karmarama and Project Everyone have come up with an excellent way to get your attention. To spark action around the UN’s global goals for sustainable development, they have teamed up with giants such as Google, Unilever and Mars – asking them to donate space on the side of their HQs for giant sticky note to-do-lists. 

Rather than reminding us to pick up milk, these giant notes remind us to do things such as ‘end poverty’ and ‘achieve gender equality.’ Not only is this marketing strategy and excellent way to attract attention, but there’s something charmingly old-school about the sticky note system! 

Learn more here. 

🛍 Primark Loves Digital Marketing

Primark have praised the importance of digital marketing and have planned to use it to improve their online presence. The budget retailer has indicated that digital marketing is going to play a critical role in their business moving forwards. Thanks to digital marketing, Primark is going to launch a new customer centric website. You know what that means? We might finally be able to buy online! 

Check the full story here.

💻 Who Needs the Office?

The pandemic proved that working from home was a more viable option than bosses originally thought. However, what many of us have missed over the last two years is the socialisation of the office environment, and sometimes those Zoom meet ups just don’t cut it. 

To tackle Zoom fatigue, creative marketing start-up Air have introduced what they’ve termed ‘warehouse days.’ Air gave up their office space towards the beginning of the pandemic, and rather than moving back to a fully office-based environment, they instead rent out space a few times a month for employees get some in person interaction. The marketing firm have argued that the approach has had a significant impact on both employee satisfaction and retention, so death of the office – as they phrase it – might not be such a bad thing after all!

Take a look.

⛈ Extreme Weather

Twitter is trying to do their bit to draw attention to climate change with the development of an ‘Exploring #ExtremeWeather’ mini site. 

The website helps to maximise climate change messaging with easy-to-follow infographics and allows users to explore past Twitter discussions surrounding climate change. The move shows the social media giant’s understanding of the importance of access to facts on climate change. The move is set to broaden researchers’ understanding of how users interact on the platform, particularly around climate change, and is great news for those who want to stay in the know! 

See it here.

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