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29 October 2021


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#FridayFiver – News from the Digi-Sphere

Maratopia Digital Marketing Ltd

Happy Friday, Maratopians! 

October seems to have gone scarily quick! (Pun intended). And as the weather outside is frightful, we’ll soon be gearing up for Christmas. 

In the meantime, we’ve been beavering away at Maratopia Towers, and while we won’t subject you to festive tunes just yet, it’s definitely time to take a well-earned break! November is just around the corner and it’s cold, wet and windy out. So, grab yourself a hot drink and curl up with our latest fiver.

📱 Influencers Circumvent Ad Rules 76% of them in fact!

Advertising rules dictate that influencers must disclose if a post is an ad in a way that is easily visible to their followers. However, many influencers are choosing to hide this information behind ‘continue reading’ breaks, meaning that their posts aren’t in line with these regulations. Unfortunately for them, there are significant legal ramifications for failing to indicate when they’re advertising – brands and bloggers alike, beware!  

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🛍 Social Media Shoppers

The last 18 months has significantly changed the way that we shop – out of necessity we traded the high-street for the online marketplace. Yet, despite the ever-increasing return to normality, research shows that as many as 87% of customers are set to continue these patters this Christmas. Retailers will certainly need to keep on top of their digital marketing to continue to draw in the customers during the year’s busiest shopping season.


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🍟 McDonald’s Merch

Sometimes, eating a Big Mac just isn’t enough. McDonalds have now teamed up with retailer BoxLunch to introduce their own line of clothing and accessories. The fast-food giant’s range of French fry fashion even includes a bag shaped like Happy Meal box. You might have to be all about that Nug Life to appreciate these items, but you never know, it could make for a pretty novelty Christmas gift.

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👍 Campbell’s Look to Modernise

For a company as old as Campbell’s, modernisation eventually becomes a necessity. These soup specialists have never shied away from advertising, but they’ve now taken their marketing the extra mile. The latest addition to their iconic cans is a QR code which unlocks a variety of hidden treats for its customers – from exclusive music to new recipe ideas, these QR codes offer customers the chance to get more for their money.

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🇨🇳 LinkedIn Leaves China

Launched in 2014, LinkedIn China offered users a localised version of the social media business platform in line with the country’s restrictions. However, LinkedIn have announced this month that they will be retiring the service, which has over 54 million users, amid the rising difficulty of navigating the restrictions.  To replace this service, LinkedIn plan to launch stand-alone platform, InJobs, later this year.

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