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25 March 2022


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#FridayFiver – March Marketing

#FridayFiver – March Marketing

Happy Friday, Maratopians!


It’s hard to believe that it’s already a quarter of the way through the year – doesn’t it feel as though Christmas was only a few weeks ago?


We’ve been working hard here at Maratopia towers, and the month has just flown by. But don’t worry, we’ve still been keeping an eye on the digital marketing news that’s circulating the web.


So, if you’re counting down the clock until the weekend, grab yourself a coffee, take a break and check out these five fabulous stories that we’ve dug out for you!


💬 Popularity of Private Messaging 

If you’re a brand, it can sometimes be hard to figure out how best to connect with your customers. How they wish to communicate can vary depending on a whole variety of factors including age and service provided. However, a recent study by Spectrum has found that 60% of EU customers and 51% of US customers favour private messaging through apps over phone calls and emails when they wish to reach out to a brand. So, if you’re looking to put your efforts in a successful direction, private messaging could be the route for you.


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📱 Gen Z and the Rise of Community Apps 

Speaking of consumer preferences, Gen Z are shown to be gradually moving away from traditional social media, preferring inward facing platforms. The study, conducted by Impero, has shown that 65% of Gen Z are much more confident and willing to invest time on community platforms such as Discord, rather than the traditional platforms, such as Facebook, that were favoured by previous generations. 


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🥤New Pepsi Partnership

TikTik is proving increasing popular with brands, and Pepsi is just the latest to partner with popular personalities. The soft drink giant has teamed up with TikTok star Khaby Lame to promote their new line, Nitro Pepsi. Lame has amassed over 135 million followers through his silent reaction videos. This isn’t the first time that Pepsi has partnered with celebrities to promote their brand, but their decision to utilise the help of a TikTok star further cements the incredible reach of the platform. 


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🍺Heineken Mocks the Metaverse 

Beer manufacturer Heineken has parodied the Metaverse in their latest ad campaign. The company have claimed to have created the first ever virtual beer. This Heineken Silver brew is only available through their online virtual brewery, Decentraland. Their new beer is perfect for those on a diet, as it contains “no calories, no hidden ingredients, and no beer”!


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🍬Skittles’ Big Apology 

Keeping with brands who know how to utilise humour, the sweet treat brand, Skittles, have launched an ‘apology tour’ for the crime the committed back in 2013 – the replacement of the lime skittle with the green apple flavour. The discontinuation of the popular flavour, which had been part of the selection since they launched in 1979 was not taken lightly by fans. So, last September, Skittles launched their ‘Restore the Rainbow’ campaign which reintroduced the flavour. Their new ad, ‘Apologize the Rainbow’ will launch at the end of the month, and show in Times Square, to give them a chance publicly admit their error in judgement. 


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