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24 December 2021


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#FridayFiver – And A Happy New Year

#FridayFiver – And A Happy New Year

Happy Friday Maratopians!


We hope you’re all ready for Christmas, a time for turkey, mulled wine… and of course, pigs in blankets.


We’re embracing the seasonal spirit at Maratopia Towers, and we highly recommend that you do the same. So, get yourself ready for tomorrow’s festivities and curl up with these five stories that we’ve found for you – why not break into a selection box early to snack on while you read.


Before we regale you with tales of festive marketing, here’s a something you should really consider implementing on your websites. This month Instagram have announced that users will be able to embed a miniature version of their profiles into their websites and blogs. At the moment the feature is only available for the US, but if your business has been neglecting its ‘gram, this is the perfect excuse you need to give it a spruce up – you want to be prepared for when the feature rolls out worldwide!


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Is there anything more ironically Christmas than Hugh Grant’s ‘Love Actually Is All Around’ monolog? Arguably Andrew Lincoln’s ‘To Me You Are Perfect’, in which he pretends to be carol singers whilst professing his love for Keira Knightley – but that scene has been redone to death. This year, Heathrow got creative with their Christmas advert in a way that recognised the turbulent times that we live in. Teaming up with Love Actually script supervisor Martine McCutcheon to recreate the movie’s opening scene to show loved ones reuniting at Heathrow, this time wearing facemasks. The modernised monologue perfectly captures the present moment and reminds us all of the importance of connecting with others at this time of year.


Watch the video here


Google and creative agency Amplify have teamed up this festive season to install a Kaleidoscopic Christmas Cracker outside of their London offices. This immersive installation allows visitors to enter the cracker and take photos of themselves covered in patterns of light. Ever the experts in their endeavours, Google have combined Christmas cheer with societies love of taking selfies to create a fun campaign for all to enjoy.


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Gin brand Bombay Sapphire have teamed up with local creative talents in New York City to create a range of Christmas window displays. The company has used what would be otherwise empty and neglected store fronts in order to bring in a little festive cheer, so these neglected windows won’t feel left out during the holiday season. It’s been a tough year for both retail and artists, so this campaign set about to help revitalise downtown Manhattan and put creative talents to good use.


Take a look.



Sticking with the boozy Christmas campaigns, Guinness have also engaged in a festive push this year. The hospitality industry has taken a hit lately, and for some, lighting up their exteriors for Christmas hasn’t been a priority. Guinness have worked with 22 UK pubs to create bespoke Christmas decorations and pay the electric bill that comes with these extravagant displays. It’s win-win all round. Guinness gets its fun advertising, and pubs get to spread Christmas cheer to their communities.


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