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6 November 2021


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#FridayFiver 🧼 👏 – Your Weekend Starts Here!

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As 2020 staggers on like the worst reality show ever (yup, even worse than Kid Nation) there’s never been a better time to switch off the TV and lose yourself in some carefully curated digital distractions selected for their all-encompassing awesomeness.

#FridayFiver is a lip-smacking smorgasbord of the internet’s best bits served on a sizzling pre-weekend platter – fill your boots!

👨‍🦰️ Movember mo-ments

#Movember is back to raise cash and awareness for important issues like suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. And this year, even if you can’t meet in person, you can still host a virtual mo-ment with your mates – elaborate moustache reveal Zoom party anyone?

Find more mo-ments here!

🍔 Buy McDonalds…says Burger King

In a classy move, the usually combative Burger King is asking us to buy McDonalds in order to protect jobs during the pandemic. Reminding us to support small local eateries might have been even better, but points for solidarity nonetheless.

Get down to burger business here

🎼 Dementia virtuoso inspires £1 million donation

80-year old former music teacher and dementia sufferer Paul Harvey took the internet by storm recently with a mind-blowing ‘Four Notes’ improvised piano piece which has now been released as a collaboration with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. Scottish billionaire Sir Tom Hunter was so moved by the music that this week he donated £1 million to fight the disease. Brilliant all round.

Get in tune with Paul here

🎨 Eye-popping street art

Into street art that’s cool, clever and creative? Us too and we can’t get enough of the mind-bending anamorphic pieces created by Odeith. The Lisbon-based graffiti legend specialises in transforming derelict urban spaces into large scale artworks featuring everything from overblown baby crows to duelling zebras and they’re a terrific tonic during troubled times.

Watch Odeith create an uber-cool train

🎵 Rewind selector – Koffee’s lockdown classic

Top of the Maratopia pops this week is Jamaican songstress Koffee’s terrific track ‘Lockdown’. Sure, it was out in the summer – but in a year where time has felt like a slinky toy slowly slapping down some stairs before plopping nonchalantly into a toilet, who’s counting?

Chill out with Koffee

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