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5 February 2021


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#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 Switch It Off!

#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 Switch It Off!

Take a break from 24-hour doomscrolling and check in with Maratopia for a change.

First up, how’s everybody doing?

Okay? Like ‘cake for breakfast’ okay or ‘time has lost all meaning’ okay?


We hear you.

Staying home and safe is one thing, but staying mentally healthy is quite another.

And while we don’t have all the answers, we do hope that our humble blog can provide just a little light relief to your day.

With that in mind, take a look at our five hand-picked positive stories from the web this week.

🎶 Pitch Perfect

This week, Korean band Maytree shook the internet with perhaps the most bizarre cover in the world – a medley of classic Windows sound effects. While it might not exactly have you singing along, each instantly recognisable chime is an eerily accurate trip down memory lane.

Someone get Bill Gates on the phone

✏️ Authors Offer Up Writing Advice

Here’s one for the content crew – earlier this week a tweet distributing some self-proclaimed ‘harsh writing advice’ went viral on the Twittersphere. The original tweet was a bit, well, harsh, but writers of all stripes took it upon themselves to distribute firm but fair advice and threw in a few hilarious suggestions to boot.

Take note!

😷 Apple Enters The Mask Age

One of the most common and comedic troubleshoots of our new-found mask routine has been the fight against Face ID, which struggles to recognise its users’ features behind their face coverings. But those with an Apple Watch paired to their device will soon be able to use Face ID from behind their masks as the Beta of iOS 14.5 rolls out. It’s not yet known when the full release of the new software will follow.

Find out more

🐼 Un-bear-able Cuteness!

Have you been making the most of the snow? Maybe made a few socially distanced snowmen? The resident pandas of the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC have wasted no time playing in the snow and, in a stroke of good luck, their joy was caught on camera. Check out the link below to see pandas slipping, sliding and pirouetting in the powder!

Cuteness overload!

📺 New To Netflix

If you’ve completed Netflix in January, fear not – more titles are on the way this month. Hotly anticipated originals such as The Girl On The Train, Firefly Lane and a new season of Riverdale are due to land soon, as well as a few classics including Snakes on a Plane (the worst answer to the question, ‘what else could go wrong?’) and teen comedy Mean Girls. It’s so fetch.

Get your game on.

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