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25 June 2021


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#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 Ready for the Weekend!

#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 Ready for the Weekend!

It’s been a busy week in Maratopia Towers!

But while we’ve been hard at work, we’ve kept a close eye on the news stories that may have slipped under your radar and popped them all together in a nice little blog for you. Because we’re nice like that!

So take a Friday morning break (you deserve it), and check out our latest Friday Fiver.

🚆 Sound of the Underground

This week Transport for London announced that by 2024, all areas of the London Underground would finally have 4G mobile reception. The move will be a welcome change for travellers but could also be a great new opportunity for marketers to connect with their customers on their daily commutes.

Commuter connectivity.

🖼️ Classic Rembrandt Painting Restored By AI

70 years after its completion in 1642, Rembrandt’s famed painting The Night Watch was cropped to fit into Amsterdam Town Hall. Though its trimmed edges may seem a great loss to art, this week an Artificial Intelligence program has been able to recreate the missing pieces almost 400 years after the piece was created. The project took two years of research and programming, but now means visitors to the Rijksmuseum, where the painting now lives, can view it in something resembling its former glory.

See it here.

🧱 LEGO Unveils Recycled Prototype Brick

The LEGO Group’s pledge to produce all of its products from sustainable sources by 2030 came with an exciting new development this week when they unveiled their first prototype recycled brick. The product uses plastic from recycled bottles and looks indistinguishable from any that you might find in your own child’s toybox, but represents a positive new step for the company.

Find out more.

🍸 T-Mobile Celebrates 5G in Style

No one asked for a T-Mobile themed gin to celebrate the country’s “largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network.” No one asked them to call it 5Gin. No one asked them to release a non-alcoholic edition called 5Ginger Beer. But did they? Absolutely they did, in collaboration with the Heritage Distilling Co. The 5Ginger Beers have all sold out, but if you’re quick, you might just get your hands on a bottle of 5Gin. You know you want to.

5Gin over ice?

🦁 Three Lions in Final 16

And finally, a little cause for celebration – England have finished top of Group D this week with a total of two wins so far at Euro 2020. The team are set to play their next match on June 29th against Germany in the all-important knockout stage. Also qualifying for the final 16 were our Welsh neighbours, who play their next match against Denmark tomorrow.

It’s coming home!

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