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26 February 2021


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#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 Hop To It!

#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 Hop To It!

Happy Friday, folks!

We’re only just finishing February, but Easter chocolate is already hitting the shops.

If you fancy gifting yourself an early treat, this year’s selection certainly won’t disappoint, from Hotel Chocolat’s truffled-stuffed shells to the new Mini Egg-egg that’s got shoppers excited – and rumour has it Percy Pig is set to make an eggy debut this year!

So grab yourself a nibble and sit down to our top stories from the final week of February.

🥝 Fruit Controller

Remember those science classes where you used to make a clock out of a potato and other such creations? One Twitch streamer decided to take this to the next level to build a video game controller out of a pomegranate, then took his new gadget out for a test drive on the popular videogame Hades.

Check it out!

🐐 You’ve Goat To Be Kidding Me

Hairdressers aren’t set to reopen just yet, but these goats over in Llandudno, Wales clearly didn’t get the memo as they were seen queueing up outside a barber’s! This is their second visit to the region after they went viral back in March last year for setting up camp in the locked-down town. We’re pleased to report that not only did they bring much joy to the locals, but they also remembered to social distance too!

Get learning!

🦅 The Eagle Has Landed!

The Perseverance Rover has finally landed on Mars, and this promising bot has the world’s attention as it ventures into space to explore the red planet for signs of ancient microbial life. And on Monday, NASA released mind-blowing footage of the Rover’s landing. We wish Perseverance luck in its endeavours!

One small leap!

🖥️ Video Call Apps Connects WFH Buddies

Ever miss the camaraderie of your office but don’t feel like letting your colleagues watch you typing away on Zoom? Focusmate provides a nifty alternative that connects total strangers on video chat to encourage them to help each other get work done! At the end of a 50 minute graft, you have the chance for a quick 10 minute chat with your new work buddy before you’re disconnected and matched up with someone else.

Log on!

🍻 An end in sight?

And finally, the news on everyone’s lips this week is the revelation that by June this year, it could be the return of the world as we know it, with non-essential shops opening by April, bars and beer gardens by May, and finally a lift on all social contact restrictions. Pub, anyone?

We might never have to hear the word ‘Zoom’ again.

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