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23 April 2021


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#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 Here comes the sun ☀️

#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 Here comes the sun ☀️

How you doin this Friday?

Refreshed and revitalised after a couple of brilliant beer garden sessions and interacting with fellow humans?

Us too – fingers crossed we’re gradually (and safely) easing our way out of lockdown and embracing the simple freedoms we’ve sorely missed.

This week’s Fiver tops up your positivity with news of witty Twitter wars, music bonanzas, virtual gig updates, a sunny new tune and some new Google news.

Stick on your shades and crack open a cold one with us – you deserve it!

🐛#FreeCuthbert goes viral

Things suddenly got dramatic in the world of insect-shaped confectionery this week when M&S announced legal action because against Aldi because (allegedly), the latter’s Cuthbert caterpillar cake is far too similar to the former’s Colin. Aldi’s social team went to town. Absolute scenes.

Catch up with Colin

⚽ Super league switcheroo

Social media was set alight again when a whole load of greedy.. ahem, sorry, ‘ambitious’ English football teams decided they were going join a super-duper Euro league. Then they changed their minds when it turned out they’d be banned from other international comps. Fantastic fodder for meme-savvy fans.

The ball’s burst

🎵Virtual Glasto

We’re just catching up with the news that there’s a virtual Glastonbury event taking place this summer at Worthy Farm – did you hear? The livestream on 22nd May will feature awesome artists like Jorja Smith, Coldplay, Damon Albarn and more.

Back garden big screen BBQ anyone?

🎹 Cool cloud 9 tune

OK, this Beach Bunny tune has been out for a while. But it’s new to us, and feels as retro-fresh as a pair of Clarks Wallabies creeping across an Alpine meadow for a picnic. Plus, it has a cool video too. So shove some Colin or Cuthbert in your cakehole and enjoy.

Hop on Cloud 9

🌐Google Page Experience Update

Google’s gone and done another update designed to improve user experience. By improving page speed and other core web vitals, you can apparently make the search engine giant and your customers mega-happy. Plus, according to Google guru John Mueller, it presents the perfect side-hustle for savvy SEOs. Guess we can order that gold-plated jacuzzi after all – mwahaha.

SEO pot of gold right here (allegedly)

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