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15 January 2021


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#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 🎵 And the bleep goes on

#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 🎵 And the bleep goes on

How are those NY resolutions going now folks?

<Yup, us too…

…we’ve ditched dry January, bought ourselves a big bottle of cider, thrown our jogging gear in the cupboard and started binge-watching The Magic Roundabout while inhaling Pringles right from the pipe.

Looks like we’ll have to batten down the hatches even tighter in 2021 – but just for this five minutes, we’ll keep it as positive as possible with a vax update, progress for tradeswomen, some Bowie soothsaying and a few other bits and bobs.

💉 Mass vax plan released

No easy task, but UK Govt has released plans to deliver 2 million vaccinations a week at over 2700 vaccine sites across the country. Some light at the end of a long, dark tunnel and massive thanks for the huge efforts of everyone involved, especially NHS staff!

Get the lowdown here

🎵 Bowie internet prediction

We can’t believe it’s five years since the late, great David Bowie went to the great gig in the sky. As well as enjoying a soundtrack of his classic tracks, lots of fans have been remembering his eerie late 90s prediction of the potential power of the internet.

Freak out here!

🏋️‍♀️️‍PE With Joe returns

One terrific tonic for our lockdown troubles is the return of everyone’s favourite curly-locked fitness guru, Joe Wicks. Joe has resurrected his hugely popular PE With Joe workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and a whopping 120,000 people tuned in for the first session!

Go for the burn

👩Finding a tradeswoman simplified

There are plenty of female plumbers, mechanics, stonemasons and joiners across the UK but it’s not always been easy to find a handywoman when you need one. Until now that is – the soon-to-be-launched National Register of Tradeswomen will soon connect vulnerable householders who feel safer with women with the skilled females they need.

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🎬 Magic lockdown music vid

Still catching up with music from the tail end of 2020? Us too and our latest discovery is the weird but wonderful Scratchcard Lanyard by Dry Cleaning. If you like disjointed dystopian monologues and miniature nightclub headgear (course you do!), this vid will be right up your strasse.


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