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11 December 2020


2 mins read

#FridayFiver 🧼 👏 🎄 – your digital Crimbo countdown!

#FridayFiver 🧼 👏 🎄 – your digital Crimbo countdown!

There are only 14 days until a morbidly obese man squeezes desperately down your chimney, creeps into your living room and leaves several surprises under your tree.

We’re talking about Santa’s imminent arrival of course, not making a sinister psychic prediction of a bungled Christmas Eve burglary.

To keep your yuletide glad bag topped up with tinselly terrificness til then, we’ve gathered together another quick quintet of quality stories to welcome the weekend – let’s go!


🏴Lidl revives Scots daft days

In a smart marketing move, supermarket Lidl has launched a Scots language campaign reviving the Caledonia tradition of the ‘daft days’ – the traditional 12 days of partying that last from Christmas until January 5th. They’ve commissioned some cracking talent and Len Pennie’s poem is a belter. Firms looking to differentiate north of the border, take note!

Get cosy with some cool Caledonian poetry

😕Google’s core algo update

SEOs around the world have recently ripped off their party hats, abandoned their egg nogs and conducted fervent conflabs with fellow eggheads about the possible repercussions of Google’s recent core algorithm update. The consensus so far? Some sites report wins, some report losses and it’s too early to tell what the final repercussions will be. We’ll keep you posted.

Grab some SEO-ho-ho!

🎵 LG drops cracking charity Crimbo tune

Liam Gallagher has claimed the highest new entry in this week’s UK music chart with ‘All You’re Dreaming Of’ – the lyrics are lovely and all proceeds go to the charity Action for Children, who support vulnerable youngsters across the nation. Props LG.

Listen to the earworm here

💉Christmas comes early with Covid-19 vax

In the news the world’s been waiting for, the UK has approved the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, efficacy is 95% and several other vaccines are nearing approval too. There’s finally light at the end of the tunnel and the herculean efforts of scientists and regulators should be praised. Whatever your vax views, Nature has published an FAQ piece that’s worth reading.

Vax facts right here

💖Doc injects humour

Whenever our turn for the Covid-19 jag comes around, we hope that paediatrician Dr William Gerba can administer it. Videos have recently surfaced across social media of this caring US medic’s unique approach to administering vaccines to babies, which involves singing, tickling and a bit of beatboxing – brilliant!

Get down with Doc Gerba here

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