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19 February 2021


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#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 🌤️ Fun Whatever The Weather!

#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 🌤️ Fun Whatever The Weather!

So when you saw some decent snowfall this past week did you…

…run to your shed, rip the door off, pull out your sledge and then race across the park shouting ‘yippee!’…

…before realising you forgot to put your clothes on?

Or close the curtains, curse the gods of powdery freshness, turn the heating up and return to your hibernation?

The snow’s gone now and it feels like spring could be peeking around the corner – read on for a few more reasons that we’re feeling positive this week.

🏋️‍♀️ Cowdenbeath 1, Storm Darcy

Storm Darcy was wreaking havoc in its chilly wake – until it reached Cowdenbeath in Fife, that is. In this corner of the magical Kingdom, a freakishly strong lady was filmed showing her bottle by nonchalantly pushing a milk lorry up a hill with her bare hands.

Move over Gal Gadot

🎵 Rolling with The Rock’s mum

One of lockdown’s most adorable impromptu appearances came courtesy of The Rock’s mum Ata Johnson, who interrupted her son’s interview with Jimmy Fallon for a ukulele singalong.

Watch scene-stealing Mummy Rock

💔 Romeo done!

One cracking story we missed last week was this lonely Jamaican man appealing to his PM Andrew Holness (affectionally known as ‘Bro Gad’) to move the current Covid-19 curfew back from 8pm to 1pm on Valentine’s Day. He had no money and no lady friend, therefore just wanted the whole thing to end. Bless.

Behold the anti-cupid

😷 UK pioneers world’s first human Covid-19 trial

A new UK study on the effects on Covid-19 on 18-30 year olds has been given the go ahead by authorities. This is a world-first and will provide unique insights to help us battle the disease – props to all the amazing volunteers and scientists involved!

Get the Covid-19 trial lowdown

☄️ Gerard Butler vs a massive meteor

Yup, it is kinda weird watching a disaster movie when the real world still feels upside down. But we caught up with Greenland on Netflix this week and though it makes for scary viewing, it’s also pretty uplifting. Gerard Butler puts in a solid shift – even if his accent gets a bit lost between the Hollywood hills, Paisley and a 17th century pirate galleon.

Watch Gerry Glasgow-kiss a meteor

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